After a social media video surfaced of Glendale PD officers punching and kicking a teen, four of the officers were put on administrative leave.

The incident occurred inside a Dick’s Sporting Goods with three of the officers in apparent plain clothes and one in full uniform.

The video was posted to Instagram by rapper Ernie G on Tuesday with the caption reading, “Glendale gang members AKA police.”

*Trigger Warning: Violence*


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The video begins with three plainclothes officers attempting to restrain the suspect by holding him down and repeatedly punching him in the face and body. Then the officer in uniform enters the frame and kicks the teen in the head.

The teen can be heard repeatedly yelling, “I can’t breathe” and “get off of me, please.”

One of the officers can also be heard yelling, “Turn around on your face. This is the police department, I told you.”

More uniformed police officers then arrived, handcuffing the suspect before carrying him out of the store.

Glendale PD responded to the incident, saying in a statement, “While attempting to detain the suspect, a struggle ensued and force was used by the officers.”

The suspect was arrested on suspicion of petty theft and resisting an officer by force.


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