Glen Matlock Parties at the Roxy: Before we pulled up onto the Sunset Strip and entered the famous Roxy Theatre, we found ourselves two miles away at the Jail Guitar Doors‘s CAPO (Community Arts Programming & Outreach) Center on 3rd and Fairfax, to celebrate MC5 guitarist Wayne Kramer‘s 75th birthday.

Jail Guitar Doors is a nonprofit started by Wayne and his wife Margaret Kramer, “which offers creative alternatives to vulnerable, under-resourced populations through music education and arts activities. The programs help marginalized youth develop their talents and capacities; disrupt systemic root causes of inequality, poverty, and racism; and advocates for families and communities impacted by the carceral system.”

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A noble cause, by a good man. We saw JGD teachers Cole and Laena perform and then had to leave for the Roxy. But there was an incredible fundraising auction with a lot of signed guitars, and performances from Kramer and Tom Morello among others.

The auction van be found here. Find Jail Guitar Doors here.

Over at the Roxy, Frankie & the Studs took full advance of a full and excitable venue. Frankie has been building a reputation for some time as one of the best punk rock frontpeople in L.A., and her Siouxsie-meets-Poly Styrene style was wonderfully effective here. When they were joined by Blondie/Matlock drummer Clem Burke to run through Blondie’s “One Way or Another,” all of the band members seemed to be grinning from ear to ear. A joyful set, all told.

Comedian and known punk rock aficionado Fred Armisen was MCing the event, and he also jumped on stage to perform his “brief history of punk” — something he’s done before on Jimmy Fallon’s show at least. It was, however, great fun to see it live. Armisen was followed by Kathy Valentine, who performed one song with Matlock‘s band.

But then it was time for the man himself. Glen Matlock recently performed two sets at Coachella and one at the Greek as the current touring bassist for Blondie but this night was all about him and his new solo album Consequences Coming. That’s a great record too — blessed with all of Matlock’s cheeky, cocky swagger and some great Faces-esque rock & roll tunes.

Anyone hoping to hear a couple of Pistols numbers wasn’t disappointed — “God Save the Queen” was particularly appropriate as we head into coronation season. Better still were the couple of Rich Kids songs that he performed — “Burning Sounds” and “Ghosts of Princes in Towers.” We’ve been listening to that one and only Rich Kids album a lot lately due to an awesome reissue for Record Store Day. So it was spectacular to hear them live.

There was time for Stray Cats man Slim Jim Phantom to run through “Sexy Beast,” and then his wife Jennie Vee (Eagles of Death Metal), plus Valentine and Armisen, to get up and sing backing vocals on a tune too.

Overall, Matlock gave the Roxy everything it could want and more.

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Glen Matlock (Brett Callwood)


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