Girlschool is in for Alice Cooper: Jackie Chambers, guitarist with British metal trailblazers Girlschool told us about her Alice Cooper experience.

Jackie Chambers: Well, my all-time favourite gig has got to be an Alice Cooper gig, so many to choose from so I’ll pick the one where we were opening for him in Spain a few years back.

Like so many of Alice’s gigs the stage was set with all the usual props, the guillotine, the gallows, the coffin and all the other things that make every show he does so enjoyable.

What made this one more spectacular was the fact that I got to go backstage beforehand, where the band took me around and showed me how it all worked.

Watching that night, I saw it all with new eyes and was transported back to that little teenage girl again watching for the 1st time.

As amazing as ever, I was buzzing for days afterwards.

Girlschool is in for Alice Cooper: Girlschool’s new album WTFortyFive? is out from July 28.











































































































































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