Melinda Hill, the queen bee of chat-room comedy, is taking her next production into the present century. Along with her A-list Rolodex of alter-lounge beauties, Hill is tub-thumping a multimedia extravaganza complete with bands (this week: the suave Lampshades), short films (Channel 101 filmmaker Dawn Cody) and a dance party hosted by Chip Pope. But get this: In lieu of the light show, she’s podcasting the event live from M-Bar. Beat that, Largo! Unlike other femme standups, Hill promises, her ladies will jibe about “their wits” not “their tits.” The vampy Natasha Leggero, the sarcastic Tig Notaro and the hip Hill recently clued us in on their girl talk:

As girls who’ve gone wild — I mean weird — describe your most notorious mud-wrestling fight.

NOTARO: It’s actually still hard to talk about. I know this is meant as a silly question, but really, this last roll in the mud has taken a toll on each and every one of us. Mary Lynn Rajskub still has a clump of my hair stuck in her teeth. I’d like to stick to the serious questions if that’s okay.

Your worst suitor after performing a comedy gig?

LEGGERO: I performed at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting in the back of a thrift store in Anaheim and was propositioned by several audience members. Are men without valid IDs or teeth considered suitors?

Name the most atrocious high school clique: drama geeks, cheerleaders or jocks?

LEGGERO: The jocks, because I hate sports. Why do people get so excited about men exercising? Not to mention hot abs. Boring!

If you could date any comedian, living or dead, who would you fancy?

NOTARO: Brian Posehn, moments before his death.

Worst pickup line?

HILL: Hey, while watching your set I punched up some of your jokes for you. Here’s the napkin I wrote them on . . .

—Anthony D’Alessandro

Girls Gone Weird (also with Mary Lynn Rajskub, Maria Bamford, Jen Kirkman and Kate Flannery) at M-Bar, 1253 N. Vine, Hlywd.; Wed., Oct. 18, & Thurs., Nov. 16, 8 p.m.; $10. (323) 856-0036. Resv. recommended.

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