Giovanni Ramirez had some of the superficial signs: Recent neck tattoos, a thuggish demeanor and an alleged gang background.

But he wasn't the guy, a fact the LAPD had to admit after it had arrested Ramirez for the horrific Dodger Stadium beating of Brian Stow. He was arrested because it appeared, maybe, that he resembled a sketch of one of the suspects.

That mistake won't mean cash for Ramirez. At least not for now:

The L.A. City Attorney's office this afternoon triumphantly announced that Ramirez's federal lawsuit against the city and LAPD Chief Charlie Beck has been dismissed.

Ramirez was arrested in a SWAT operation in spring, 2011 following the opening-day beating that year. But he pleaded that he had an alibi — he wasn't even there — and that he didn't even like baseball that much.

But he was held on unrelated allegations while investigators sorted it out. They soon came up with two other suspects who were eventually charged with the beating that put Stow, a Bay Area paramedic, in a coma.

Beck apologized, but that wasn't enough for Ramirez, who said his rights to due process were violated by police. The City Attorney's office says:

United States District Judge Gary A. Feess granted the City's Motion to Dismiss based on the fact Ramirez was never criminally charged and therefore, suffered no violation of due process. Further, the court held that Ramirez' Fourth Amendment rights were not violated when his residence was searched because he was on parole and subject to search conditions.

City Attorney Carmen Trutanich said in a statement sent to the Weekly and other outlets:

This ruling affirms our position that the police acted appropriately in the course of this investigation.

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