Gigglewaters: The Place of ‘A Thousand Good Times’ Redefines the Entertainment Experience

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Rachel Fine Wilson’s journey hasn’t been the typical one. Having been immersed in the world of the entertainment industry, working in theatre, music and even television hosting, she spent her formative years journeying through professional landscapes until she found something that she could really sink her teeth into, co-founding Gigglewaters Social Club & Screening Room in Safety Harbor, Florida. Fine Wilson’s blend of New York vibrancy, her love of entertainment and a deeply ingrained sense of community service has placed her in a position where she can thrive.

Fine Wilson’s career trajectory—which spans leadership roles starting from educational centers in Beverly Hills, running a marketing agency in New York City, to serving as VP of US Operations for an international franchise system and even her time in entertainment—culminated in the creation of Gigglewaters. This venture, which was inspired by Fine Wilson and her husband Richie Wilson’s yearning for the New York dining and entertainment ambiance while in Tampa, is not just a testament to her versatility, but her innovative spirit as well. By blending her impressive skill set, Fine Wilson has cultivated an immersive dining experience that transcends merely eating out. By infusing it with a sense of nostalgia, exceptional culinary art, and a robust community spirit, Gigglewaters has won over 50 awards and serves as a reflection of Fine Wilson’s commitment to detail and quality.

At the heart of Gigglewaters lies not just a restaurant, but a reimagined entertainment experience that captivates patrons from all walks of life. The Gigglewaters Screening Room offers more than just a place to dine and watch a movie—it’s a destination where nostalgia meets innovation. Gigglewaters’ 32-seat movie theater redefines the traditional cinema outing. With its cozy and intimate setting, guests are transported to an era of cinematic charm, where they can enjoy a diverse lineup of classic films and cult favorites. Every holiday is celebrated with a nostalgic familiarity- Planes, Trains & Automobiles on Thanksgiving, Jaws on July 4th, and of course, Die Hard on Christmas. The real star of the show, however, is the Cinema Supper Series. Once every 6 weeks, Gigglewaters offers this 10-course curated culinary adventure following every food and drink reference shown on screen. Guests lucky enough to score a ticket will eat their way through such classics as Pulp Fiction, Anchorman, True Romance and Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

Gigglewaters is more than just a business for Fine Wilson, however. As a platform for catalyzing change, Fine Wilson’s dedication to community service has been seen in her acts of generosity, which include providing meals to first responders throughout Covid and bringing her 30’ Food Truck to the areas hardest hit by Hurricane Ian. Her philanthropic inclinations were ingrained within her by her father’s passion for helping others, and continue to be seen in her work.

Fine Wilson’s ambitions for Gigglewaters have been to change the traditional dining experience. Even from its beginnings, she envisioned a place where the joy of great food could meld with the thrills of entertainment, thereby ensuring that each visit leaves a lasting impression on the diner. The restaurant’s emphasis on quality—from hand-squeezed juices to gourmet food—provides a unique experience that not only resonates with customers but makes them feel as though they are part of an extended community.

Fine Wilson’s future aspirations are to grow the brand throughout Florida through franchising and strategic partnerships while continuing to provide the charm of comfort food and the exceptional dining experience guests have come to love. Her pledge to deliver “a place of a thousand good times” extends beyond being a mere slogan—it is a promise to each patron who walks through its doors.

With a profound respect for her culinary background and the restaurant industry, Fine Wilson views Gigglewaters as a sort of homage to her family’s legacy. The success of her restaurant enforces her belief that dining is a multifaceted series of events, during which one can merge not just the traditional idea of making memories around food, but by offering a sense of belonging that appeals to its patrons.

With Gigglewaters, Rachel Fine Wilson has created something that feels close to home not just for herself, but for the people around her. As the restaurant’s sixth anniversary comes up, she and her team look forward to continuing their journey of welcoming guests through Gigglewaters’ doors, and ensuring that they not only have a unique culinary and cultural experience but also make lasting memories in the process.

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