Sisters share a special bond, which is why you’re probably searching for the best gifts to give your sister this Christmas! It’s always hard to gauge what your siblings may want or need, so we’ve come up with a list of the best gifts to give your sister to help make your 2021 holiday shopping a breeze! 

The Best Gifts To Give Your Sister

2021 Christmas Guide

The Best Gifts To Give Your Sister - 2021 Christmas Guide 5

Pottery With A Purpose

Pottery With A Purpose

Pottery With A Purpose will help your sister find purposeful escape while discovering (or rediscovering!) creative inspiration in sustainably designed make-your-own pottery kits that encourage slower, more mindful living in the midst of a fast-paced lifestyle. This is DIY clay craft made more accessible, eco-conscious, and purpose-driven than ever before! It ships in a tidy box that has everything she needs for a fun, reflective craft experience at home. 

“We curate every kit with the planet in mind, from the locally-sourced clay and tools handmade in the USA to naturally-based paints and eco-conscious packaging,” explains the company. 

It’s a truly unique gift that’ll impress whomever you give it to!

Spirit Daughter

We love gifts that help our siblings explore their spirituality, so items from Spirit Daughter are an obvious addition to our list of the best gifts to give your sister. Spirit Daughter is a lifestyle brand devoted to helping you live your best life through understanding the energy of the Universe. They offer a variety of astrology and spirituality based products to assist you in setting your intentions and creating rituals that keep you on track for achieving your goals. We recommend their Zodiac Crystal Kits, a special crystal kit customized for your sister’s specific zodiac sign so they can tune into the energy of their zodiac – and the Daily Journal – a journal that includes 244 undated pages just ready for you to fill out each day to keep you aligned with the life you want to live. You may just want to pick up an extra set for yourself! 



Artet has become an integral part of my evening routine, as I take a break from alcohol. It’s relaxing effects are just what I need to switch from day to night, rounding out my edges and reminding me to let my shoulders down. Their single strain, live resin batch of their iconic flagship aperitif – ‘Founders’ Blend’ – in collaboration with the sustainable cannabis company Aster Farms, is solidly on my list of the best gifts to give your sister.  

The ‘Founders’ Blend’ features Aster Farms’ Honeydew Funk live resin, derived from the cleanest sun-grown cannabis, which possesses a distinct plant flavor and delivers a uniquely euphoric effect. 

Want to step your gift up a notch? As the first non-alcoholic, cannabis-infused luxury aperitif, Artet has created a limited edition glassware collaboration with MAMO, a design workshop in NYC run by collaborators and friends Jonathan Mosca and mixologist Arley Marks.The two Artet x MAMO glasses feature green and blue colors reminiscent of Artet’s bottle, inspired by paintings that the founders’ grandmother created. The 2oz side is perfect for a measured pour and the 7oz side is ideal for cocktails encouraging consumers to be creative when it comes to making beverages (no matter what kind they might be) at home.

Pilgrim Soul Creative

Pilgrim Soul’s collection of mindfulness-inspired cannabis and creativity tools have been a life-saver during low energy days, and your sibling will appreciate the thought and effort that you put behind these best gifts to give your sister. 

From Creative Thinking Journals to Creative Imagination Pencils and of course their Creative cannabis blend line (Live Resin blends from the most impactful Creative Strains), you can’t go wrong with picking anything from Pilgrim Soul’s incredible website.

Pilgrim Soul

Pilgrim Soul’s name is inspired by a William Butler Yeats Poem the founder used to seduce his wife over 25 years ago in his effort to convince her that he loved more than just her beauty:

“How many loved your moments of glad grace,

 And loved your beauty with love false or true,

 But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you,

 And loved the sorrows of your changing face.”

In the context of their brand, your “Pilgrim Soul” is the Creative Explorer that is born inside all of us.

Pilgrim Soul is a mission-driven brand focused on optimizing human creative performance to gain a competitive edge in business and life, collaborating with experts in diverse industries to create products and content to facilitate enhanced creative thinking. Items from Pilgrim soul will be some of the most creative best gifts to give your sister this Christmas!

“Pilgrim Soul supports inner-city artists and other marginalized creative talents,” says the founder. “We offer artist endowments to use their art on our packaging to help them to pursue their dreams, and we feature their work on our products.”

Equator Coffees

Is your sister a student, career woman, or coffee lover? If so, upgrade her java routine by adding Equator Coffees to your list of the best gifts to give your sister. This sustainable and fair trade coffee company was founded by Helen Russell and Brooke McDonnell over 25 years ago in the Bay Area, and will soon be opening their first LA location. Help support the certified B Corporation in bringing awareness to sustainable coffee practices by shopping local and grabbing some beans from them this season!


Superette is a retail brand that makes buying cannabis as enjoyable as consuming it. In the current sea of cannabis retailers, the team at Superette wanted to take a fresh approach so they leaned into more traditional retail environments to create an immersive yet familiar and nostalgic experience. Every thoughtful detail of their brand, whether in-store or online, is all about creating moments of delight at every step of the way. All about community, this is a brand you can feel good about supporting this Christmas.

As we reflect on our privilege to operate in a space with a deep history of inequality and injustice, Sup remains committed to social justice work,” they explain. “The ‘War on Drugs’ has affected BIPOC individuals on both sides of the border; so we’ve partnered with organizations across North America whose goals align with our own.”

“In an effort to amply and fund their causes, we have an on-going partnership with both Cannabis Amnesty and Last Prisoners Project. Beyond fundraising, Superette uses our platform to spark conversations around inequity in the cannabis space. From stories of legacy individuals who made the jump into the legal market, to edutainment on our social channels, our goal is to remove the stigma associated with cannabis in all its forms.”

Superette’s shop is full of the cutest and most unique items, which is why, when coupled with their advocacy work, they are some of the best gifts to give your sister. 

Bougie Bakes

Bougie Bakes is an LA0based, nationwide DTC company producing a variety of baked goods for both humans and pups alike. The brand is the brainchild of Meghan and Ryan Quinn, a couple that wanted to look and feel their best as they prepared for their wedding day while still satisfying their sweets cravings. They have a ton of new collections, the most recent being their festive holiday offerings.

Made with zero preservatives, Bougie Bakes prides itself on its fresh and quick delivery straight to your door with every order baked and shipped out the next day. Additionally, all products are packaged with reusable and recyclable tins as part of Bougie Bakes mission to offset 100% of its carbon emissions. 

Simply put, these are the perfect treats to make the best gifts to give your sister!

VYBES Adaptogenic Elixirs

VYBES recently launched a new line of Adaptogenic Elixirs that we absolutely love! The line of tasty sparkling elixirs come in three different flavors (Apricot Lemon, Pineapple Ginger and Watermelon Lime) featuring powerful adaptogens for mood, immunity & vitality (things we all know we could use a boost of!!), making it one of the best gifts to give your sister to ensure she has a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!.

Each flavor includes an adaptogenic elixir that targets the root causes of chronic stress. These highly effective plant-derivatives improve mood, mental clarity and the body’s immunity & vitality. It’s refreshingly delicious, and packs a ‘mean’ exhilarating bubble.

Los Arango Tequila

Los Arango Tequila

Created to honor José Doroteo Arango’s efforts during the Mexican Revolution, Los Arango Tequila is made with 100% blue agave with a maturation of at least 8 years. It is cooked in adobe ovens for up to 36 hours, allowing for sugar caramelization and a smooth finish, and fermented using a specially formulated yeast that helps enhance its fruity and herbal notes. Los Arango is double column distilled, which allows for exceptional retention of aroma and flavor, and aged in American oak barrels. This artisanal, premium tequila is still handcrafted and bottled by hand. To this day, we celebrate Los Arango as a true symbol of Mexico – A Revolutionary Spirit. Los Arango Tequila Blanco won a Double Gold Medal at the 2020 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. An award-winning tequila is certainly one of the best gifts to give your sister this Christmas.

“Tequila is one of Mexico’s biggest assets — culturally and beyond,” says Ray Ramos, Director of Hacienda Corralejo. “Los Arango is produced at Hacienda Corralejo where for nearly 250 years, the distillation methods have been preserved, refined, and developed by our local community into a tradition of tequila. Los Arango was initially created to honor Jose Doroteo Arango, better known as Pancho Villa, for defending his people against the tyrants in the Mexican Revolution. Los Arango was born in his family name. Today, we continue to honor this triumphant moment in Mexican history with each glass of Los Arango – whether blanco for a specialty margarita, reposado over ice, or añejo sipped neat, we raise a glass to the moments in life that are worth savoring. In addition to the celebratory nature and cultural significance of Los Arango, it’s beautiful bottling makes it an excellent gift. Each is made of blown glass and hand finished with premium leather, metal, and wood accents, all onsite at the hacienda.”

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