If you have brothers, it’s no doubt you’re racking your brain to come up with a list of the best gifts for brothers that’ll have you winning Christmas (because it’s always a competition, right?). As the proud owner of three brothers myself, I can attest to the fact that beyond an Amazon gift card, Steam gift certificate or Xbox Gold, it’s pretty rough trying to think of a unique and cool Christmas gift for them. 

As easy as it is to just grab your bro a gift card and call it a day, it’s not the best option for those looking for holiday gifts on a budget. In our opinion, the best gifts for brothers are things that’ll make you look trendy and in-the-know by gifting them. Cool, uncommon presents that they’ll actually use are hard to find, which is why we’ve come up with a handy list of not only the best gifts for brothers, but the coolest holiday gifts for brothers.

Using the knowledge I’ve gained as the eldest sister of three brothers that all have vastly different styles and interest, here are my top choices for the best gifts for brothers this Christmas 2021: 

The Best Gifts For Brothers That’ll Have You Winning Christmas

SPY+ Happy Gaming Glasses 

With one brother in grad school, another as a freshman at Cal Poly, and another working as an associate software engineer at a top gaming company, these siblings of mine are pretty much always staring at a screen. While we’ve all certainly heard of blue-light blocking glasses, the SPY+ Happy Gaming Glasses are the real deal when it comes to protecting not just your eyes, but your mood. 

SPY+ has a decent selection of blue-light filtering glasses, but my favorite are their Discord Happy Gaming Glasses. Built to give hardcore gamers an edge, the patented Happy Gaming Lens Tech delivers sharper contrast and details and enhanced mood and focus, all while reducing eye strain and fatigue. The perfect gift for your gaming or student brother, right?! They block most of the harmful blue light emitted by electronic devices, which reduces eye strain and fatigue, while supporting healthy sleep. 

If you are looking for an out-of-the-box Christmas present idea for your brother that’ll be both useful and impressive, these glasses should be something you check out. 

Backbone Gaming Controller

On the topic of gaming, if your brother is a gamer you definitely need to check out Backbone, the hottest gaming accessory that lets you take your Xbox, PlayStation, and PC games with you anywhere on your phone. Backbone makes the perfect gift this holiday season for pretty much anyone in your life – kids, spouses, parents, etc… but we think its one of the best gift ideas for brothers!


Insane Cannabis

If your brothers are as insane as mine are, they’ll be stoked to be gifted some Insane from Dr. Greenthumb. A California cannabis brand co-founded by B-Real, Kenji Fujishima and Roni Desantis. If your brother is in the cannabis scene, he’ll be impressed that you gave him something that Fujishima, a pioneer of modern cannabis culture, is involved in. 

​​Insane’s impressive cultivation team and founder, B-Real (the legendary hip hop artist of Cypress Hill and owner of Dr. Greenthumb’s dispensaries), deliver a one-of-a-kind, thoughtfully cultivated cannabis flower that will make Christmas time even more magical. Insane’s carefully curated, potent menu of strains celebrates each strain’s unique profile and benefit – you can choose the perfect one to fit your brother’s personality. 

The new, highly sought-after Insane strains are legal to purchase (no medical card required) and gift as long as the receiver is of age. You can find where to purchase Insane products here. Giving the gift of good weed will surely make you their favorite sibling.

Ranch Rider Spirits Canned Cocktails

Courtesy Brian Chorski x Ranch Rider Spirits

Let’s be honest. Holidays back home with family can be rough. But some of the best memories are made commiserating with your siblings over an alcoholic beverage (or four), which is why one of our favorite canned cocktail brands, Ranch Rider Spirits, has made our list of the best gifts for brothers. 

With four different cocktails to choose from, each pack has four cans that you can order online and have delivered right to your (or your brother’s) door. This ain’t no White Claw, Ranch Rider is the real deal serving your some good tequila and vodka medicine to help the sibling giggles flow throughout the holiday season. Cheers!



SoundSwell Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones

SoundSwell makes the only earbuds that you can surf and snorkel with, making them one truly unique and useful gift for your brother this Christmas. SoundSwell waterproof Bluetooth headphones are built to face the elements with an IPX8 water resistance rating, a strong Bluetooth connection, excellent sound quality, and an eight-hour battery life. These one-of-a-kind headphones are built to last for aquatic activities like surfing and wakeboarding – recreational staples for water sport loving siblings. 

Why is SoundSwell on our best gifts for brothers list? Because we had never heard of them before we started doing research for this list, and we are baffled as to how. They fill a need that has been around for a long time, and will help take the enjoyment and zen of aquatic sports to the next level.



WESAKE made our list of great Christmas gifts for brothers because it’s not just delicious, but because it makes a fantastic gift for the sibling that appreciates culture and misses world travel. 

Made in partnership with a 280-year-old Japanese brewer, WESAKE is a Junmai Ginjo-style brew that retains the quality and craft of traditional Japanese sake with an authentic message modern consumers can connect with. Like all sakes carrying the Junmai distinction, it is made with only rice, water, yeast, and koji, a Japanese fermentation starter also used for making soy sauce and miso. As it’s made with just four simple ingredients, WESAKE is free from any type of additives and joins the market as one of the cleanest beverage options. 

Genghis Cohen Merch

The 35-year-old plus iconic restaurant on Fairfax, Genghis Cohen, are selling their fan-favorite signature caps (available in eight different colors) as the perfect stocking stuffer for the biggest LA culture buff in your family! It’s the best gift for brothers that are L.A. locals that want to rep their hometown. 

Camino Mood-Enhancing Gummies 

You’re always looking out for your brother, right? I know I am, which is why I think gummies from KIVA Confections’ brand Camino make the perfect christmas gift for a brother. These mood-enhancing gummies come fresh fruit flavors that deliver the most tailored, and transporting, edible experience available. Camino Gummies use custom combinations of THC, CBD, CBN and natural terpenes to create a highly-tailored edible experience that’s uniquely transporting.

There are 14 flavors to choose from, but we are partial to the Pineapple Habanero and seasonal Holiday Punch. If you’re lucky, your brother may even share some with you.

Pilgrim Soul High-Deas

High-Deas Scratch Notes

If cannabis is on your Christmas shopping list for brothers, we highly recommend adding in these High-Deas Scratch Notes from Pilgrim Soul. An affordable Christmas gift for siblings at $12.95, this cute box comes with 100 sheets of silver holographic scratch paper notecards (with a metallic layer hidden under the black matte coating) and two stylus pens so he can write or draw his best High-Deas and express his inner artist.

Kiva Terra Cannabis Bites – NASHA-infused Peppermint Pattie

Chocolate and weed, what could be better? Kiva’s Terra Bites have been one of our favorite edible brands since we started enjoying edibles, and they’ve only gotten better with time. These holiday-themed bites contain a soft and sweet peppermint core coated by rich dark chocolate, giving a bold, fresh minty flavor that melts in your mouth. A new take on an old classic, these limited edition treats are infused with NASHA’s cold water hash, which is made exclusively with small-batch, resin-rich cannabis, pure mountain water, and ice. It’s the best gift for brothers that enjoy a good edible. 

The Spare Room x Mad Libs 

Playing Mad Libs with my brothers is one of my fondest childhood memories, so I’m stoked to be bringing back the tradition with The Spare Room x Mad Libs!

Recently named “Best American Hotel Bar” (the Spirited Awards), The Spare Room is back again with a super cool collaboration with Mad Libs where they teamed up to create a small size book for the holidays that pays homage to Los Angeles and The Spare Room. This collaboration, which features a sleek leather-bound design and an undeniable bout of childhood nostalgia is sure to be the highlight of holiday gatherings this year.

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