If you have someone on your Christmas list that’s always ready for adventure, loves the outdoors and is permanently down to explore, then you’ll want to check out our creative gift ideas for the weekend warrior! 

Before my husband and I tied the knot and made a family, we were die-hard weekend warriors. Living in Los Angeles, we were a quick road trip away from so many things, and would spend our weekends camping, hiking and just going wherever the road took us. While those days are behind us (for now), I’ve still stayed a part of the community and enjoy tracking down all the new cool gadgets and products designed for those with a love of exploring. 

Whether you’re buying for a loved one, an acquaintance or a coworker, this list of creative gift ideas for the weekend warrior is sure to take you down a fun path. 

10+ Creative Gift Ideas For The Weekend Warrior

Nixon’s Regulus Expedition

Creative Gift Ideas For The Weekend Warrior


The Regulus Expedition from Nixon is at the top of our list of creative gift ideas for the weekend warrior because simply put, it’s badass. Made for the  adventurer who really gets after it (and sometimes goes off the grid), gifting this will not only give them a handy tool to use out in the cell-service free wilderness, but give you peace of mind as well. A disconnected smart-watch, it tells you what you need to know – and more – regardless of internet connection.

Besides having a compass, altimeter, barometer, and thermometer built into its customizable display, it has on-board sensors that can alert you to a weather emergency for your exact location, so you can decide to hunker down or get the heck out of there. The session tracker also gives you stats on what you accomplished that day. Simply put, it’s amazing. The Nixon Regulus Expedition is a must-get for all the explorers on your list. As for myself, I’ll be wrapping one to put under the tree for my husband who often goes for fishing trips up creeks and out to sea where cell service is limited. He and I will both feel so much more secure! I can’t wait to surprise him with this truly innovative and unique gift.

(I’m really banking on him not reading this article, aren’t I?)

SPY+ Marauder Elite Goggles

Know someone who is always headed off to the mountain at the first sign of fresh pow? Make their year by presenting them with the SPY+ Marauder Elite Goggles, keeping their eyes protected and their style fresh all season long. 

These goggles have one of the fastest and most secure magnetic lens change systems on the market. Each goggle comes with a low-light lens for overcast days, and a reflective bright-sun lens for those Instagram worthy days. A Toric lens design provides unmatched clarity and the patented Happy Lens tech can improve your mood, even if you’re not making it off the bunny slope!

Creative Gift Ideas For The Weekend Warrior 2

SPY+ Marauder Elite Goggles

Allez Hand Sanitizer Spray

Help the adventurous dude stay extra fresh while out and about with Allez’s hand sanitizers. These hand sanitizers use vegan, cruelty-free, and earth-friendly ingredients and scents inspired by desert landscapes, such as Chaparral, Aloe, and Cactus Bloom, to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria. The sanitizer sprays come in recyclable aluminum bottles for maximum durability and easily fit in a pocket, backpack, and stocking! 

“Perfect for that person in your life who wants to pack light, head out into wild spaces, and still feel clean and refreshed at the end of the day,” says Allez. “Our skin care helps you feel clean, recovered, and repaired while miles away from the nearest shower. We are proud that our wipes and skin care are good for you without toxic ingredients, and good for the environment, being responsibly sourced, made in the USA, vegan, and cruelty-free.”

Spirit Daughter’s Lunar Calendars

Creative Gift Ideas For The Weekend Warrior 3

Spirit Daughter’s Lunar Calendars

Getting outside and into nature is a large part of many adventurer’s spirituality. With a connection to the moon and it’s cycles, many find meaning and peace by aligning their intentions with the wax and wane of the moon. 

Spirit Daughter offers the Wall Lunar Calendar and Desktop Lunar Calendar, both of which are perfect for keeping up with the astrological information for the year including every New Moon, Full Moon, First, and Last Quarter with their governing zodiac sign .It’s a unique and meaningful addition to our creative gift ideas for the weekend warrior. 

“Spirit Daughter was created to give people the tools they need to change their lives,” says Jill Wintersteen, founder of Spirit Daughter. “Each product is carefully designed to tune people into their intuition and help them find the answers to align with their life’s path. Spirit Daughter products make thoughtful gifts that can be used each day of the year. They bring inspiration, conscious awareness, and positive energy- all things we want our loved ones to have in their lives.”

Wildland Coffee

Need more creative gift ideas for the weekend warrior? Wildland Coffee is a great gift or stocking stuffer for the outdoorsy type. Their Coffee in a Tea Bag makes a convenient and tasty alternative to nasty instant camp coffee. It’s fresh coffee grounds in a tea bag that have been nitro flushed for a year of guaranteed freshness. After steeping the bag in hot water for a couple minutes, you get a creamy medium roast with tasting notes of dark chocolate and caramel. The brand also uses ethically-sourced beans from Brazil, compostable tea bags, and recyclable packaging so that your friends and family can feel good about their cup of joe wherever they go to enjoy the outdoors and be energized for any and all of their adventures.

“I’d gift this to anyone who loves the outdoors or traveling and has high coffee standards,” says the founder. “I created Wildland because I was sick of using my french press while camping and thought there had to be a better, easier and more convenient way to make amazing coffee!”

Party Can

Party Can

Party Can is the world’s first large craft canned cocktail line, and by large we mean huge. Each can contains 12 individual drinks, making it the perfect drink to accompany an adventure! Packing light is a must for explorers, so condensing the ingredients of your favorite cocktail into one can makes packing and clean up so much easier! 

Party Can happily turns you into an instant mixologist while out in the forest, with premium quality pre-mixes that only require you to chill, shake and pour out (if you’re feeling fancy). One of the most creative gift ideas for the weekend warrior, you can take your pick of Party Can’s Cosmicpolitan (a passionfruit take on the Cosmo), Gold Rush Old Fashioned (which can double as a hot toddy warmed up on the Coleman) or Triple Spice Margarita flavors. Or, gift all three with the variety pack!

“Party Can’s large format canned cocktails are the perfect addition to add festive cheer this holiday season. We designed Party Can so that everyone’s invited and can gather together to enjoy premium ready-made cocktail classics in a massive 1.75L resealable can. From our Triple Spice Margarita to our newest releases – the Gold Rush Old Fashioned and Cosmicpolitan – Party Cans are all sessionable cocktails and incredibly easy to chill, shake and pour out. With recipes by world renowned mixologist Scott Baird, Party Can offers 12 delicious craft cocktail servings in every can to help bring the party into your living room. So it’s a great (and big!) stocking stuffer to gift friends, coworkers and family, or to add to your holiday hosting repertoire!” – Scott Goldman, Party Can Co-Founder

Platinum’s Cannabis-Infused Chocolate Bars

Platinum’s cannabis-infused chocolate bars are a great gift for the adventurer, with their easy and condensed packaging that allows for custom dosing. Who wants to fuss with a dropper while playing in the snow, or try and light a joint in a forest plagued by wildfires? No one, that’s who. This is why these chocolate edibles are perfect for the 420-friendly weekend warrior. 

They fuse two of everyone’s favorite guilty pleasures, cannabis and chocolate; carefully crafted by sophisticated chocolatiers hand-in-hand with seasoned cannabis experts to bring you a delicious, mouth-watering treat. 

Platinum is passionate about crafting fairly priced and convenient products without compromising the premium quality they are known for. Each chocolate bar is individually perforated with 5mg of THC in each square, presenting your taste buds with pops of flavor that you can custom dose. Chocolate Bars come in 100mg per bar and are available in 4 yummy flavors.

Spiritless (NA Bourbon) Kentucky 74

Perfect for those who love bourbon but no longer drink or are choosing to cut back, Kentucky 74 is a first-of-its-kind, distilled non-alcoholic spirit crafted for bourbon cocktails, perfect for everyone on your holiday gift list, from the dad on a weight-loss kick, to the aunt looking to support female-founded businesses, to the husband searching for the next great addition to his inclusive bar cart. We love it for our list of creative gift ideas for the weekend warrior, as there’s nothing better than waking up bright and early to catch the sunrise, with no hangover in sight to keep you from your plans. 

Underpinned by the familiar, whiskey-warmed notes of caramel, vanilla, and oak, Kentucky 74 allows consumers across the country to enjoy the recognizable comforts of a barrel-aged spirit, without the intoxicating effects or the accompanying ethanol burn. Of note for the health-conscious folks, the all-natural product also contains just 10% of the calories of bourbon. Kentucky 74 is blended and bottled in Texas and is available in 750 mL-size bottles for purchase online at www.spiritless.com and at Total Wine and other select retailers nationwide.

Creative Gift Ideas For The Weekend Warrior 5

Spiritless (NA Bourbon) Kentucky 74

Biodegradable Cleansing Cloths

The biodegradable cleansing cloths from Allez are another great gift for the hikers, bikers, climbers, and campers in your life. Perfect for when they’re miles away from the nearest shower and big enough to clean your outdoorsy friends off from nose to toes, these pH-balancing wipes are made with natural ingredients that help strip away dirt, chalk, and sunscreen, and are infused with Vitamin C, E and Aloe Vera to calm and clean the skin after long days outdoors. This box comes with 20 individually packaged wipes for maximum freshness and can be easily wrapped up as a gift or thrown into a stocking with ease! Add it to your list of creative gift ideas for the weekend warrior.

Prismatic Plants’ Good Day And Good Night Set 

Prismatic Plants’ Good Day and Good Night set is a wellness supplement kit that I use daily. It’s perfect for those who love to travel, as it’s a pretty small kit that could easily fit in your pocket, if not your backpack or duffle. It gives me the energy and mood boost I need during the day, and then helps me relax and slow down at night. It’s a definite must-have for any list of gift ideas for the weekend warrior or adventurer. 


Plantbelly is a new 100% plant-based online grocery store delivering craveable planet-friendly products and curated foodie collections! Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, flexitarian or curious about the plant-based movement, PlantBelly sources delicious, small-batch products that you can’t find anywhere else. Their boxes are great gift ideas for the weekend warrior, supplying them with healthy snacks that can be taken to go! Snacks are always the best part of a road trip, right? PlantBelly products, gift bundles and subscription boxes can ship anywhere in the U.S., so get to ordering while there’s still time!



SunDaze is a unique and refreshing take on canned alcohol, with tastes that remind you of when you finally reach the top of your hike and feel the warm sun hug your body. It’s the perfect addition to your list of creative gift ideas for the weekend warrior craving their next adventure.

Recently debuted in Southern California at PinkDot and Total Wine locations across Los Angeles county (and can be found online via DTC), SunDaze is the new RTD cocktail taking on SoCal with a goal of taking citrus cocktail occasions beyond brunch.

SunDaze reimagines the classic social drink, breaking citrus-based cocktails out of the brunch category once and for all. A better-for-you beverage, SunDaze’s delicious 100% Valencia orange juice blend is made using an exclusive fermentation process that transforms fruit juice into a flavorful alcoholic refreshment that’s low in calories and sugar. 



As a new company based out of Venice Beach, SuperMush was a brand we couldn’t wait to try. SuperMush is a functional mushroom brand that launched this past fall from Multiverse, the world’s first curated online marketplace for the highest quality mushroom products. 

Founders Alli Schaper and Brian Friedman are nature lovers themselves, believing not only that mushrooms can change the world, but that if humans mirrored the magic and wisdom of the fungi kingdom, we’d have a far more joyous, connected, and healthy planet. 

“I believe that fungi has the power to change the world, it has definitely changed everything about mine,” shares Schaper. “Mushrooms are truly misunderstood magic, and their innate wisdom can be distilled into countless life lessons to teach us how to be better to ourselves, each other, and the world around us. Functional (non-psychedelic) mushrooms specifically have been transformational for my personal health with gut problems I’ve dealt with since I was a child, and the daily use of mushroom powders and supplements has had a profound impact on my overall vitality.”

The mushroom supplement can be taken from your choice of three mouth sprays: Energy, Immunity and Chill. Energy is formulated with cordyceps and lion’s mane mushrooms, along with elderflower, and green tea. Immunity is formulated with reishi and turkey tail mushrooms, along with vanilla, and ginger. Chill is formulated with reishi and ashwaghanda mushrooms, along with lavender, and lemon. 

Advocacy within the psychedelic space is important to us, so we asked Schaper to give some insight as to her own work within the community. 

“I’m also extremely passionate about bringing psychedelics to the mainstream wellness conversation. Most people have such a lack of clarity on the fungi kingdom and even the basic difference between psychoactive and supplement/adaptogenic mushrooms, and that’s a huge part of the education we are hoping to put forth with The Multiverse and SuperMush,” she confides. “To do our part in making the power of fungi more accessible, we created Into The Multiverse. This is our parent company, and an education-first ecosystem for all things fungi with the mission to make functional mushrooms sexy and encourage collaboration amongst the psychedelics industry. We have three pillars: 1) The Multiverse (the world’s first functional mushroom marketplace), 2) Our in-house CPG brand SuperMush, and 3) Education & events to help catalyze psychedelics to the mainstream wellness conversation.”

“Our team created our in-house brand SuperMush as a way to get all the powerful benefits of mushrooms back into your daily routine, in a convenient and delicious way,” she continues. “The fast pace of all of our lives necessitates products that are simple and delicious, and we’re so proud of creating something that’s easy and fun to use throughout the day, and actually works.  Mouth sprays are also the quickest way to absorb supplements in your body. SuperMush embodies the free-spirit and colorful vibrance of the 60s and 70s, an era that I’m inspired by in so many ways. Community and connection is the key to life, and nothing embodies this more to me than mushrooms. We are just scratching the surface of their potential to transform our minds, bodies, and the environment.”

We hope you found some inspiration in our list of creative gift ideas for the weekend warrior!

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