Get the Advantage in Court Proceedings With NAEGELI Deposition and Trial 

NAEGELI Deposition and Trial is a full-service court reporting and litigation support firm that has actively provided cutting-edge services in the legal industry for over 40 years—led by CEO and Founder Marsha J. Naegeli; a committed and purpose-driven entrepreneur whose entry into the legal industry came at a time when the need for quality and excellence in the court reporting industry was at its highest. 

With their national headquarters in Portland, Oregon, NAEGELI Deposition and Trial provides services such as court reporting, copy and scanning, interpreters, videographers, audio transcription, video conferencing, and trial support services. The company has a support staff that is currently regarded as one of the most efficient and professional in the United States “We assign our clients with one point of contact, a dedicated case manager, who will make sure your specific scheduling needs and requests are handled with the utmost ease and reliability,” the founder, Ms. Naegeli, stated.

After 40 years of providing deposition and trial services, NAEGELI Deposition and Trial has earned the symbol of the industry’s leading choice for court reporting and litigation support services. The firm has been awarded for its “Outstanding Professional Service” and as the “Best Court Reporting Firm.” In a bid to keep hold of its clientele, NAEGELI Deposition and Trial has at its core, the desire to set the standard with all-inclusive services and cutting-edge technology aimed at handling every clients’ needs. 

At NAEGELI Deposition and Trial, every experience begins with contacting an experienced professional to guide you through the services you need while holding your hand every step of the way. The NAEGELI team has been described by Marsha as “the dream team,” comprising of individuals and talent managers who are not only versed in their specialty but also capable of leading their respective departments and teams toward putting the firm on the pedestal it currently is. Executive members include Chief Operating Officer, Richard D. Teraci; Executive Vice President, Consuelo M. Grumich, JD.; Digital Strategist, Beauregard G. Moody; and Juliette Lajean, Communications Director. 

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