Get Reckless with Feed Me: UK artist Feed Me says that he doesn’t remember precisely when he got started DJing and producing.

“Exactly when is buried under decades of lint and regret but I remember it was overcast,” he says. “However I need to stress it’s never been serious.”

When attempting to describe his sound, he dips into the surreal.

“Pastel greens, yellows and pinks, citrus acidic edge, lingers like ozone, operatic, a brick wrapped in your favorite blanket,” he says.

He believes that “electronic music” is an antiquated term, and he doesn’t believe there’s a boundary around the definition in his native UK.

“After 18 months of insular lockdown I’m definitely not qualified to tell you about the wider picture, but I can say I’m acutely aware that being able to prioritize creativity during crisis was a privilege,” he says. “All the clubs were shut it was mental.”

Feed Me’s new single is “Reckless.” His self-titled album are out on August 13.

“‘Reckless’ I wrote while driving, combining an extended metaphor I had about lockdown with a film pitch,” he says. “Sonically it typifies a lot of the sounds I’ve chased after for a long time, passing an idea back and forth between voltage, tape, binary and your mind and listening to it leak at the seams.”

Looking ahead, Feed Me has plenty to work on this year.

“Finding my calendar password, starting again, launching the rest of what I worked on and reinventing, and yes those things [album, EP, shows] too.”

Get Reckless with Feed Me: Feed Me’s self-titled album and “Reckless” single are out now. He performs at the Avalon on October 7.

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