Crankdat Channels Bladerunner on Sad Robot: Crankdat started producing in 2012 and DJing in 2014, though he says it got really serious in 2015 when a few of his remixes on SoundCloud started to see big numbers.

Today, he says that his current sound is reminiscent of that early work.

My melodic stuff is packed with energy and emotion, big chords, and a lot of melodies,” he says. “My heavier stuff tends to feel really bassy and dong-y.”

The artist says that he’s hopeful things can get back to normal soon following the devastating pandemic.

Festivals are back in action, shows are piling on,” he says. “Most of the artists I know are willing and able to play. Obviously this is much different from the complete deadstop we experienced throughout all of 2020.”

His latest release is the Sad Robot EP.

Sad Robot is kind of a small album,” he says. “The underlying theme to it is all of the tracks are emotive and melodic. I deliberately left out any bassier tunes because I wanted for this to be its own thing entirely. The concept behind it is that it tells the stories of various experiences had by different individuals, rather than one individual’s experiences. You can imagine a world where a robot like the sad robot exists – it would likely be widespread manufactured (kind of like a Blade Runner scenario) and would have individualistic personalities in each model, but one cloud hub database it derives its direction from and sends its memory to. You can see how it would “feel” a bunch of different experiences through it’s models. I guess the more proper label would be ‘Sad Robots,’ but Robot is cooler.”

Looking ahead Crankdat has more releases planned.

I’ve gone all of 2021 without releasing a single heavy track,” he says. “I’m literally working on Mad Robot.  It won’t be called that (someone smart can figure out what it’ll be called… hint – it’ll be #2) but that is the theme behind it. I have a year and a half’s worth of killer bass ID’s to form into another body of work! Hoping to get that out before the end of the year!”

Crankdat Channels Bladerunner on Sad Robot: The Sad Robot EP is out now.




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