Time to get out the flapper dresses, the Prohibition-era whatsits, the hipper-than-thou suspenders and cloche hats and sparkly bits, and head on down to Union Station (please God, take the Metro) this Saturday night for Jonathan Gold's second annual Speakeasy Cocktail Party. Last year's event was a swank affair, during which gorgeously dressed people mingled with chefs and the odd journalist and food blogger (that's a joke; it was like a convention) and watched Mr. Gold hold court for a time on center stage while sipping a Ramos gin fizz elaborately prepared and presented by a dressed-to-the-hilt Eric Alperin. The man knelt, for chrissakes.

The event is a fundraiser for Zócalo Public Square, a worthy cause even without the fancy party. And if the price ($185; get tickets here) seems steep, consider that it's a bargain compared to last year, and that the food comes courtesy of Comme Ca, First and Hope, Grace, Jar, Lazy Ox Canteen, Providence, Rustic Canyon, and Susan Feniger's Street; and the cocktails — the true center of the evening — will be from Cana, Cole's Red Car Bar, Las Perlas, Rivera, and Seven Grand. Music is by KCRW's Garth Trinidad. How much did your last blurry evening at The Varnish run you anyway? You don't have to answer that. Did we mention that you can take the Metro to and from the party? Okay then. Cheers.

Union Station Speakeasy Cocktail Party: Saturday, October 9th, 7 p.m. Union Station grand ticket concourse, 800 North Alameda Street, Los Angeles.

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