If you're planning a night of partying this weekend, you might consider picking bars in Hollywood. Like as close to Cahuenga and Hollywood as you can conveniently get. Because once you've had your share of Manhattans and gin fizzes, you can wander over to the Ketel One Canteen, eat free food cooked by The Gorbals' chef Ilan Hall, and even get a ride home if you need it.

To promote responsible drinking, Ketel One has been parking their food truck for limited 3-day runs in designated areas, in New York City and Chicago and now Los Angeles, with food designed by featured chefs provided gratis. Michael Psilakis (chicken shish-kebob pita; lamb burger with roasted red pepper and feta sauce; caponata) and Rick Bayless (pork tinga tacos; roasted poblano and potato tacos; chorizo and black bean tortas) did the food for the first 2 stops.

The vodka company will not only give you food and bottled water, but also provide you a free ride home, courtesy of a fleet of 10 SUV's. The rides are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. And no, the Canteen does not serve Ketel One, so don't try ordering a vodka martini with Hall's bacon-wrapped matzo balls, butternut squash latkes or braised pork belly. (Although God knows how many people will do this.) Hall says that he's putting all the food he'll be serving on sticks, “because I think food from a truck should be on a stick.” Yes, latkes on a stick. Which is kind of funny even if you're sober.

The Canteen will be parked at Cahuenga, between Hollywood and Selma, on Dec. 17-19, from midnight to 2 a.m. each night.

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