Since we just named LudoBites as the most Romantic Restaurant in L.A., and thus perhaps the place to take your date for Valentine's Day — assuming you have a date, assuming your date is not a PETA spokesperson — it seemed kind of cruel and heartless not to enable this in some way. Thankfully Krissy Lefebvre just told us that there are 2 spots open for the night in question, at both the 6 p.m. seating and the one at 8:15 p.m. Lucky you!

In order to make this more interesting than just going to UrbanSpoon and trolling for open spots — which you should normally do, since Lefebvre told us that there were 11 cancellations yesterday that UrbanSpoon efficiently rebooked — we thought we'd have a little contest. For the next 48 hours you can go to the comments section of this post and make your pitch for why you should get the Valentine's Day reservations.

Come on, have some fun. Does your beloved sleep with a framed photo of Marc Meneau under her pillow? Does he make foie gras cupcakes every weekend morning? Do you have a rooster tattooed on your arm too? Make something up. On Friday afternoon Krissy will determine who gets the reservations (there are two, one at each seating; please stipulate which one you want). Another incentive: LudoBites isn't having a special jacked-up Valentine's Day menu, but will be serving what they serve every night. And, although you will not get a free meal out of this little experiment, dessert will be on the house. How romantic is that?

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