“Gerrymandering” looks into the sleazy politicians' game of drawing crazy-shaped “voting districts” that chop up cities and cross over mountains, all with the aim of separating Republican voters from Democratic voters to fix an election victory for one party or the other.

The film could sink Proposition 27 on the November 2 ballot in California. Prop. 27 was dreamed up by entrenched Sacramento legislators to undo California voters' approval of a ban on gerrymandering.

Billionaire and Democratic Party insider Haim Saban is trying to help his pals in Sacramento bring back gerrymandering, so he's expected to pour big bucks into Prop. 27. But even Saban's money may not be enough to counter the film by directed by Jeff Reichert.

Schwarzenegger, who appears in the film, is talking up “Gerrymandering” whenever he gets the chance, and the documentary will open on October 15 to movie audiences in Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego.

Politicos are buzzing about the film, which features, among others, California governors Gray Davis and Pete Wilson describing gerrymandering as political chicanery. Many critics say the practice endangers democracy itself.

And on Sunday, October 3, UCLA will host a 7 p.m. screening of the documentary with a panel discussion afterward.

An anti-gerrymandering media storm, in other words, is brewing and about to hit. Don't be surprised, though, that billionaire Saban, who has extensive connections to Hollywood and the Democratic party, will do something hard-core to counter it.

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