Twenty years ago, Hollywood's David Hasselhoff stood on the Berlin Wall wearing a stylish jacket-o'-lights and a scarf depicting a keyboard, looked at Communism straight into its ruddy face, and sang to it thusly:

“One morning in June some twenty years ago,

I was born a rich man's son.

I had everything that money could buy,

but freedom–I had none.

I've been lookin' for freedom

I've been lookin' so long

I've been lookin' for freedom

Still the search goes on

I've been lookin' for freedom

Since I left my home town

I've been lookin' for freedom

Still it can't be found”

This past weekend, the Hof returned to the scene of his victory over the Red Menace (he did have some help, though, from one M. Gorbachev, a sleeper-agent mole planted by the CIA among the Soviets decades before), and high on pure adrenaline, once again addressed his Berliners (the people, not the jelly donuts) at the MTV European Music Awards:

(Do not adjust your monitor. The video is askew to match its subject matter.)

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