Genital Thoughts: The Sex Organs are an intergalactic garage rock two-piece. To the casual observer, it might look like they’re just a couple of musicians in costume. But no! They really are an intergalactic garage rock two-piece. Think the White Stripes smashed into GWAR, and stirred until gloopy.

The difference is, rather than these aliens looking like grotesque warlords, this pair resembles a giant, walking, hairy dick, and a giant, walking, hairy vagina.

The Sex Organs are Bone (guitars, vocals) and Vagina Dentata (drums, vocals), and they journeyed here from the Andromeda Galaxy to offer us a little educational nudge.

“The appearance of the Sex Organs draws shock and awe for different reasons, depending on what moral aisle you side with,” their bio reads. “However, their tact isn’t geared towards any form of moral subversion (regardless of what Puritans think) — they’re here to educate and remind humanity that we have a libido, and we better damn well use it before it’s too late!”

Great advice from the musical alien genitals. Their backstory is that they crash-landed on the planet Earth a decade ago, and “upon seeing the consequences of our dominating behaviors towards one another, the duo concluded that humankind’s ongoing abhorrent behavior towards one another must be from varying degrees of self-inflicted sexual repressions.”

That’s an odd thing for intelligent life from another world to concern themselves with, but our boink levels were down and that got the extraterrestrial alarms ringing.

“All in all, the duo believed we were not getting laid enough, whether by our own hand or the loving touch of another. Their debut album, Intergalactic Sex Tourists, sought to address remedies and de-stigmatization of one of our most natural instincts, and since coming back to see how the results of their pro-sex campaign have affected humanity, arrived back on Earth at a much unsexier time than when they last left.”

The band themselves clarified things further when we, ummm, probed them.

“In 2014, we invaded planet Earth as representatives of a planet inhabited by gigantic and hairy genitals,” they said. “We had been monitoring human sexual activity for the last several decades and felt that it was time to save the world from eternal depression and impending unsexiness. To our surprise, we instantly became a cult act, causing a wave of rock ‘n’ roll “sexcitement” on our first World tour — right when needed. We gave humans the opportunity to be hilarious and silly again, to feel loose and unashamed — at least for the length of a show! We proved that changing the perspective of a Sex Organ can be a very healthy and stimulating act, especially for earthlings. We also played in established museums, film, and comic festivals and were (proudly) banned from Castle Dracula in Transylvania because of our hair (true story)! Being the Sex Organs might be challenging, but never boring.”

The Sex Organs release their second album, We’re Fucked, on March 15, a worthy successor to Intergalactic Sex Tourists.

“Recorded in Toulouse at Swampland Studios by madman engineer Lo Spider, the Sex Organs have entrusted their longtime propaganda outlet Voodoo Rhythm Records, to handle We’re Fucked’s release worldwide,” the bio reads. “Since forming, the Sex Organs’ continuous efforts in crediting an orgasm’s healing power have brought their spaceship across Europe, the United Kingdom, and into Canada, with appearances at Azkena Rock Festival, Funtastic Dracula, Cosmic Trip, and Hipsville.”

The thing about it all is, you might wonder what sort of a noise a fantastical phallus and a musical muff could possibly make. That’s a reasonable question, if an extremely odd sentence. The band has the answers.

“Wild screeching fuzz guitar, primitive pounding drums, and shameless but harmonic lyrics with lots of intergalactic echo,” they say. “We feel very much related and attracted to human bands like the Gories and the Cramps — they make our hair stand up on no end!”

The new album is packed with 12 tracks, with titles that include “Hair in My Mouth,” “Where is My Dildo,” “Nipple Twister,” “Do it Myself,” “Fuck All the Time,” and “Underpants.” The songs are typically raucous, but there have been shifts between records.

“We’re as horny and potent as ever, but as the world went down the tubes, we were forced to find a new level of directness and a straight-in-your-face approach,” they say. “Our sound has become bigger and ballsier, our lyrics more poetic and self-reflecting.”

As previously mentioned, Lo Spider was behind the decks for We’re Fucked, the results of a randy hangout across the Atlantic.

“In 2023, we had a threesome with Lo Spider in his legendary Swampland studio located in Toulouse (France); he played his organ and the vacuum cleaner amongst fumbling the knobs,” they say. “We’re also working with the underground rock ‘n’ roll icon himself, Beat-Man, of Voodoo Rhythm Records, to help us release this album.”

Every song on the album is based on a personal experience with a universal message, according to the band. Which makes sense, if “everyone needs to get laid more often” is the sort of message that crosses universes. Their live performances, meanwhile, are the stuff of legend. Sorta.

“It normally starts with blushed faces, followed by cackling attacks, turning into hyper-happiness, bordering on pheromone ODs, and often ending into unadulterated group sex,” they say.

When we ask if it’s hard to be a giant organ on stage, they offer up a, “Better hard than soft.” To be fair, we walked into that one. We should have expected it from ginormous genitals. But don’t underestimate them — these Sex Organs have only just started their takeover of this planet.

“In Spring, we will spread our gospel over France, Spain, and Switzerland on our We’re Fucked release tour,” they say. “We will play some major European festivals in summer, and in autumn, we will invade the USA!”

Bring it on!

Genital Thoughts: The Sex Organs’ We’re Fucked is out March 15. Preorder: Vinyl – CD – Digital

































































































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