Gayla Goehl: The Visionary Mentor Empowering Hollywood’s Young Rising Stars

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Gayla Goehl, the highly regarded acting instructor and private on-camera acting coach, has solidified herself as the go-to expert for LA and NYC’s young working actors. Thousands aspiring to build professional careers in Hollywood have been empowered to achieve the highest levels of mastery in feature films, television, commercials, and voice-overs with her time-proven approach.

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Goehl has been shaping careers for her budding actors as the Director of the prestigious Gary Spatz’s “The Playground”, A Young Actor’s Conservatory for Film & TV in Los Angeles for 17 years. She teaches 11 acting classes per week for young adults, teens, preteens, and children looking to hone their craft on top film and television sets.

Goehl’s classes have continued to gain popularity and consistently sell out due to her positive, enjoyable, and empathetic approach to training. Drawing from her extensive knowledge and experience both in front of and behind the camera and as a go-to on-set acting coach, she has become an industry leader for young Hollywood actors. This enabled her to grow the school and to develop and introduce The Young Master Classes program at The Playground.

The program is catered to young actors who already possess a solid foundation of previous training or experience but seek further exploration. Classes are also suitable for experienced young television and film actors who strive to enhance their emotional and technical growth to maintain competitiveness, as well as, athletes and stage actors aiming to adapt their skills for on-camera work.

Additionally, classes offer a range of development training beyond traditional avenues, covering areas such as commercials, animation, voice-overs, video games, radio ads, and the emerging podcast narrative formats.

The Young Adults class is brimming with students who have graduated from top acting programs, universities, and colleges around the country. But newbies should not be worried at all, Goehl has classes for those who are brand new to the industry and are seeking an encouraging place to explore acting for the first time.

It is truly an up-beat, neuro-divergently taught, and insightful class. One student remarked, “I can’t believe I learned that many things in just one class!”

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To provide further guidance beyond her private clientele and classes at the conservatory, Goehl has launched the “How Can I Be An Actor” podcast and YouTube channel. The platform will serve as a guidepost to tool aspiring actors with real-world insights into the industry, regardless of their location.

Accompanying these initiatives is an upcoming book featuring a curated selection of sixty comedy and drama monologues proven to secure top talent representation for students. While Goehl’s impact spans major entertainment markets such as Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Seattle, Austin, Dallas, Houston, Denver, and Miami, she is committed to nurturing talent in smaller markets nationwide and virtually.

“Acting is a craft that is learned. Fame is something else.”

– Gayla Goehl

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Goehl’s knack for identifying dedicated talent to nurture is solidified through her impressive roster of clients. Her private clientele boasts an ever-increasing cachet of actors that have starred in major network and cable television shows. Among them, Joel Courtney from The Kissing Booth, Dove Cameron from The Descendents and Charlie Shotwell from Captain Fantastic are just a few noteworthy names that have benefitted from Goehl’s supervision and instruction.

With an extensive and thriving clientele, Goehl’s impact on the entertainment world also extends to television with Logan Shroyer of This Is Us, Armani Jackson of Wolf Pack, Talia Jackson of Family Reunion, and Shannon Brown of Swagger. As she continues to nurture and inspire, her ongoing legacy of shaping the careers of thousands of working actors only becomes more meaningful.

However, Goehl believes that a career in acting is about more than just fame and fortune. She believes that it is also about developing valuable life skills, such as responsibility, creativity and critical thinking. It is important to provide insights into the entire process of a career in acting, not just the glamorous outcomes.

Goehl’s professional journey is a testament to her passion and single-minded dedication. Starting her acting classes herself at a tender age, she quickly discovered her talent and was mentored by leading creative arts figures. Her path took her through commercials, voice-overs, and eventually to full scholarships and performances in top Off-Broadway and Regional Equity musicals, films, television, and a stint as a host and correspondent for The TV Guide Channel in Los Angeles. These all contributed to the knowledge that is cascaded on generations of fresh young talent.

“Acting is like Life. You have to feel”

– Gayla Goehl

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The Future of Enduring Mentorship

Gayla Goehl’s impact as a private acting coach and mentor to Hollywood’s rising stars cannot be overstated. Through her transformative instruction, she has refashioned the way young professionals approach their craft; and guided them towards their full potential. Her forthcoming podcast and YouTube channel will undoubtedly shape the future of aspiring actors by offering guidance and support to generations navigating the competitive world of entertainment.

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