VICE's food site Munchies today delivered what may be the most thorough recent look at the foie gras issue, with a 40-minute documentary examining all sides of the controversy. In this latest episode of their series “The Politics of Food,” food writer and chef Dave Arnold takes a balanced look at all sides of the debate, speaking to everyone from chefs to animal rights advocates to the Chairman of the California Democratic Party, aiming to understand the ethics and politics of this complex issue. 

Foie gras is back in the news in a major way after a U.S. District Court struck down California's ban on the selling of the fattened goose liver on Jan. 7. Since then, chefs have been celebrating, animal rights advocates have been vowing to restore the ban, and I have been having tense conversations over dinner with my vegan friends. 

The Munchies video goes deep into these issues, getting up close with the gauvage process, in the middle of protestors and foie proponents, . Watch the full documentary below. 

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