Those 13 lifeguards and one pool manager fired from the El Monte City Aquatic Center for filming a “Gangnam Style” video spoof on taxpayer property over summer might get their jobs back after all.

Mayor Andre Quintero led a proposal on the City Council last night to recommend rehiring the Gangnam 14, a move that squeaked through on a 3-2 vote, we were told today.

The vote came despite a city assertion that the lifeguards were already on thin ice:

The firing wasn't just about the video but about previous warnings to behave (one of the employees disputed that assertion), said city spokesman Robert Alaniz.

The bad press might have been too much for city officials to handle, though.

The vote does not, however, guarantee that the 14 will get their jobs back: It's simply a recommendation, Alaniz explained to us today. The city manager, Dayle Keller, has jurisdiction and is considering it as we speak, he said:

It's a personnel issue and it's up to city manager Dayle Keller, who is meeting with legal counsel and considering the next step.

Alaniz hinted that an announcement was coming this afternoon, so we're going to guess that these talented lifeguards will see a remix at the El Monte City Aquatic Center.

Oh, by the way, that video? More than 2 million views. Totally worth it.

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