Galaxy Semiconductor Inc. Transforms Under the Visionary Leadership of Philippe Lejeune and Wes Smith

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When it comes to technology, the world seems to move at a faster pace, creating a need to constantly find new solutions to new problems and, in some cases, different solutions to old problems. The very nature of the industry demands a constant drive for innovation and adaptation to meet the ever-changing demands of consumers. While startups emerge every day with the promise of better solutions, more times than not, they fail to live up to their hype when faced with the challenges of such a competitive market.

For companies needing solutions in the field of semiconductors, finding a company that is reliable enough to evolve and remain relevant is just as important as the solution itself.  When a company can withstand the test of time, its value becomes evident.

One such company is Galaxy Semiconductor Inc. Created over 20 years ago; the company became the de facto standard for test data analysis, IC yield management, and quality enhancement solutions for the semiconductor industry. It established itself as a major player in its field with the necessary tools to provide engineers and managers with semiconductor intelligence that enables better decision-making and process improvement.

Recognizing Galaxy’s value, Mentor Graphics, a chip design company, acquired it in 2016. Shortly after this acquisition, Mentor Graphics was purchased by Siemens, leaving Galaxy lost in the shuffle of such a huge conglomerate.

While a move like this could have resulted in Galaxy’s demise, Wes Smith, General Manager of the division within Siemens, approached the company’s original founder, Philippe Lejeune  with the opportunity to re-acquire Galaxy Semiconductor and bring it back to what it was intended to be. Understanding the significant contributions they bring to the semiconductor world, Philippe and his team revamped the company. With their strong understanding of the business, their loyal customers, and most of the same staff, new life was breathed into Galaxy Semiconductor, and they embarked on what they refer to as Galaxy Version 2.0.

Philippe began as the founder and President of Galaxy Semiconductor in 1999. After its reacquisition, Philippe now holds the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) title. With a Master of Science degree in Electronics, Software, and Automation from ESIEA in Paris and an extensive background in engineering, Philippe holds four patents in test time optimization and yield improvement.

Philippe’s strong focus on understanding the big picture and solving key customer problems makes him a valuable asset to the organization. Under his leadership, the company has fostered an environment where loyalty is key, not just from their customers but from their employees, with many of them having been at Galaxy for more than ten years.

As Co-founder and CEO of Galaxy Semiconductor V2.0, Wes originally joined the company in 2008 and served as a bridge between sales and the development team. His role required him to understand the intricacies of microchip testing, cater to customer needs, and align product development with solving specific customer problems.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Materials Science and Economics from Clemson University and a Master’s in International Business from the University of South Carolina, Wes began his career as a validation engineer for Michelin Tire. He then began working in the silicon materials space at MEMC Electronic Materials, which led him to the business of electronics and chipmaking

As the company went through its transition in 2020, Wes played a pivotal role in reviving Galaxy Semiconductor as an independent entity from Siemens. He teamed up with Philippe to lead the company into the next phase of growth.

“While challenging at times, the period from 2016 to 2020 was quite rewarding as it has shaped us and my approach to running the business,” Wes Smith reflects. “The opportunity to reboot the company was a breath of fresh air. We knew we had to redefine ourselves and seize the chance to explore new avenues.”

Galaxy Semiconductor Inc. has become the premier independent provider of test data analytics solutions for the semiconductor industry. With the reboot, however, an expansion of the original vision has emerged, with their sights set on providing process control software for the semiconductor industry.  As the company continues to evolve, there is no doubt that Philippe, Wes, and the rest of the Galaxy team will continue making waves for years to come.

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