Seems like every day since the Miramonte Elementary scandal broke, there's a new pervy teacher revealed at an LAUSD campus.

But 42-year-old Gabriela Cortez, today's alleged child-sexer, is a little different, for two reasons. 1) She's a woman, and an attractive one at that; 2) She works at Roosevelt High School in Boyle Heights, the flagship campus in L.A. Mayor Villaraigosa's proud “Partnership for Los Angeles Schools” program.

Montebello police, who are handling the case because Cortez lives in Montebello, say the high-school Spanish teacher…

… had sex with two underage boys while working at Roosevelt. NBC LA reports:

A victim, who is now an adult, notified Montebello police on Feb. 15, alleging a sexual relationship involving himself and a teacher.

As a result of the investigation, a second victim, who also is an adult, was identified, police said.

UP NEXT: The mayor's special connection to Roosevelt High. Also, does Cortez' hotness make her behavior less vile?



Villaraigosa has remained notoriously mum on the Miramonte scandal and the disconcerting witch hunt that has followed, despite the fact that one of his major campaign promises was to clean up L.A. schools.

And Roosevelt happens to be his pet project — not to mention alma mater. As we wrote last October, “the mayor devotes more PR visits and Twitpics to Roosevelt than green ribbon-cuttings and cycling events combined. (And that's saying something.)” Think he'll be rushing over for a photo op now that it's tied up in the LAUSD sex-abuse fiasco?

As for the district: LAUSD officials just announced yesterday that they'd be reporting three years' worth of teacher-misconduct cases to the state's Commission on Teacher Credentialing, which has the power to pull an instructor's credentials even if he or she isn't charged with a crime.

Predictably, on the Roosevelt campus, students doen't seem to be taking the allegations against Cortez as seriously as they would, were she a male teacher. A senior at the high school tells KNX news radio: “Two students? … Damn. I think I might have to be the third.” Then he adds, “She's a real attractive teacher.”

Oh geez. Need we unearth the “Hottest Women on the Sex Offenders List” debate?

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