Sunday's vegan breakfast and brunch at the Eagle Rock Center For the Arts was an example of a good idea executed to perfection. Despite the humidity, the space hummed with good attitudes and yummy raisin cookies, tofutti cream cheese and toasty bagels. Local art/music heroes Lucky Dragons were there, as well No Age, members of Abe Vigoda past and present, a few Mika Miko's thrown in for good measure and San Diego band Endless Bummer, who at one point formed an impromptu business circle with No Age's Randy Randall and Luke of Lucky Dragons to set up a show together. (All three men consulted their various iPhones and schedules to see when they would all be in town at the same time.)

Dunes — Kate Hall of Mika Miko's new band — opened the day with good old-fashioned punk that had moments of splendid pop fizziness. The show belonged to second act Dave Scott Stone, though, who stretched his electronic Moog and synth set into the closest thing resembling a coherent melodic structure, following traditional song models that he's crafted up to this point, all the while retaining his signature experimentation. Attaching long electrical wire to the white columns in the room, he walked about the sitting crowd while they munched, plucking and yanking them into a harmonious cacophony of bleats and shrills. At one point he somehow, unbelievably, created the sound of a full echoing symphony, the room filling at full volume with the lush sounds.

Silk Flowers is an electrifying act to see live. Lead singer Aviram Cohen's voice is something of a marvel, a cross between Ian Curtis and a voice scrambler. Yet somehow, it comes together with the band's eerie, moody rock. (The word atmosphere was made to describe this Silk Flowers.) Finally, the wonderful, polite and sunny High Places, after announcing it was lead singer Mary Parsons first day in LA, having moved from New York, proceeded to give Sunn O))), the drone metal and recent Eagle Rock Center for the Art's performers, a run for their ear-bleed money. The band turned it up to eleven — seriously, Nigel would have been impressed — and blew the attendees away and rushing for the complimentary earplugs. More free food was served (delicious potato tacos) and High Places delivered a beautiful, intense melodic send off to a long wonderful morning. What a great and proper way for them to ring in their first day.

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