Fund Manager Bridging the Wealth Gap Through Disruptive Finance

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Hedge fund managers are some of the most well-known and influential investors in the financial markets. They work to create extraordinary results, utilizing a diverse range of strategies to maximize returns. Even though these individuals usually manage large amounts of money, that doesn’t mean they’re exclusive to the ultra-wealthy. Some hedge fund managers have been able to amass impressive fortunes from small beginnings with clever strategies.

Komey Tetteh, a freelance fund manager based in Dubai, has shown the world that, with enough drive and ingenuity, it is possible to create extraordinary results in the financial markets using average tools. In a time when only the wealthy have access to most financial services and institutions, Komey has found ways for investors from all walks of life to achieve significant wealth by investing with him. One of his ventures is an advanced bridge technology, which removes brokers from trading and gives professional traders direct liquidity terminals. This allows clients to access what was previously only the privilege of the wealthy, making Komey an anomaly in the hedge fund industry.

In just five years of operation, Komey’s business has grown at an astonishing rate and is on track to become one of the leading freelance fund management providers globally. The secret behind this phenomenal growth lies in his approach to hedge fund management; as he explains, “I’m a freelance hedge fund manager from humble beginnings. I provide trading services for hedge funds with over 100M in capital under management in a unique offering not seen in this space.”

Komey adds that hedge fund managers typically own or work for an organization, but having worked for several firms, he knows his path lies elsewhere. Growing up in poverty and witnessing firsthand the effects of economic disparity, Komey believes his mission is lowering the many barriers to entry in the finance space that limit opportunities for those with fewer resources.

Since 2017 when he started his own company and made himself available as an independent advisor, he has successfully navigated high-net-worth clients through some of the most turbulent periods in the financial markets. He has equally dedicated his time and energy to finding solutions for people who’ve traditionally been left out of the financial markets, proving fund management isn’t just for those at the top echelons of wealth. This devotion translates into an unrivaled success rate where clients are always happy with what Komey delivers.

“Living alone from age fifteen, I quickly had to learn how to start producing an income, initially by counterfeiting identification enabling me to get jobs to provide essential needs,” Komey discloses when asked about his passion. “My trading journey involved 3 years of failing every day, 2 years of thinking the puzzle was solved to get humbled by the markets, and 2 years of slow progression,” Komey shared with his fans on Instagram. “Social media makes it look easy, but it’s not.”

In solving the problem of fund managers and family offices looking for profitable alternative strategies, Komey launched the Bespoke Alpha offering, where the needs of your hedge fund/business are reviewed, and he adds value by incorporating his trading strategies/portfolios. “Tell us what you are looking to achieve, and we will get to work!” Komey promises. He has traded regulated products under the supervision of the top global jurisdictions and highly regulated funds like ASIC (Australia) and FCA (UK), becoming one of the principal funds they offer.

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