Has your baby ever uttered the phrase “Don't play games with me!” in the midst of a heated debate? Well, it's time to dump that sad sack and take a new date to IndieCade, the biggest independent game festival in the nation. Arcade games, virtual games, body immersion games, board games, ancient-inspired games and futuristic games are on the menu in Culver City Oct. 3-6. This celebration of innovation in interactive media is dedicated to the mission of games as diverse, rich and culturally significant elements of culture. More than 150 creations will be available for the industry to recognize and the public to enjoy, brought together by Creative Media Collaborative, an alliance of producers and gaming leaders founded in 2005. Some of the treats on the under-cloak-of-darkness “Night Game” roster include Propinquity, a game of full-body interaction that focuses on dancing and fighting with hand-to-hand gestures in laser-lit circles; the Hearst Collection, a live-action laser maze art-heist game that requires players to twist, crawl and sneak past a network of trip wires; and Frequency Domain, which focuses on exploring music and sound, with images being produced immediately by the actions of the participants. If you do break up with your significant other before the festival and can't find a new love bug, then Depression Quest might be the game for you — a reality game in which the player has to face life with depression, managing the difficult world of treatment, stigma and strained relationships. Definitely not your mother's Donkey Kong! IndieCade takes place in several venues; main hub is IndieCade Village, Downtown City Plaza, 9300 Culver Blvd., Culver City; Oct. 3-6, times vary, see online schedule for details; $20-$450. central@indicade.com, indiecade.com.

Oct. 3-6, 9 a.m., 2013

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