Another day, another food recall. The latest is of frozen tuna that has been linked to illnesses caused by elevated histamine levels. According to Food Safety News, the FDA found evidence of food decomposition and elevated histamine levels in frozen tuna packed by Osamu Corporation of Gardena, California.

The frozen ground tuna was shipped to three distributors: AFC Corporation, Red Shell Foods and Pacific Fresh Fish Co., between August 18 and September 8 of this year. Two of those distributors, Red Shell Foods and AFC, also have grocery store sushi franchises.

Red Shell Foods has grocery markets in the following California cities: Calabasas, Century City, Dana Point, Encino, Hollywood, Irvine, Los Angeles, Marina del Rey, Newport Beach, North Hollywood, Northridge, Pacific Palisades, Pasadena, Santa Barbara, Sherman Oaks, Silverlake, Tarzana, West Hollywood and Westlake Village. AFC has them in almost every state.

The recalled frozen ground tuna is marked as lot # 7013. If you purchased sushi that you think may contain the frozen ground tuna (like maybe spicy tuna rolls) check with the store in question, which should be able to determine if the sushi was made with the frozen sushi. If you bought frozen ground tuna from one of the distributors, you can return it for a full refund. Any questions, contact the company at 1-310-327-6376.

Elevated histamine levels can be caused by consuming decomposed seafood. Symptoms may include a tingling sensation in the mouth, facial swelling, rash, hives and itchy skin, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea. If you have these symptoms, call your doctor.

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