From Leyla Blue to Suffocation: The 147th LA Weekly playlist, reviewing the musicians that we’ve been writing about all week, is live now. There’s electronic music from Ish D, hip-hop from Bia, blues from Janiva Magness, alt-pop from Leyla Blue, metal from Suffocation and Bitch, and so much more.

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Making a Splash

The Aquadolls (Jenna Houchin)

From Leyla Blue to Suffocation

Also this week:

Keilah Nina of print stars the Aquadolls told us that, “I know that we’re Aquadolls and it’s all mermaids and fun, but I’m a city girl – I always have been and I always will be. I think the different music scenes that you find in this city and all of the diverse shows that you can go to had a really big impact, at least on the way that I play music, listen to music and write music. I always say that we’re so lucky to be from here, because you can really go and see anything. So it’s fun because you can go to a punk show one day and then a pop show the next. It definitely helped us creatively and with inspiration.”

In “Not Another DJ,” Ish D said of his new track that, “I actually created ‘Just keep loving Me’ in Joshua Tree late last year. It was during one of those proper decompression getaways to the desert for a few days. After just enjoying the vibes out there, I was able to lock myself away for a few hours and craft a large part of the record. I spent most of last year just living, feeling. A lot of the new music that I’ve been creating is reflective of just that. In my music, conceptually there’s a constant through-line. There’s people we come across in our lives that we share experiences with. We’ve all got them. Right person, wrong time. Right time wrong person. Some short, some long. I think we’re all just a collection of these moments at any given time. Friends & Lovers alike.”


























































































































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