From Xzibit to Elton John: The 111th LA Weekly playlist, reviewing the musicians that we’ve been writing about all week, is live now. There’s electronic music from Koven, pop from Debbie Gibson, hip-hop from Kidd Kenn and Xzibit, punk from the Muffs and Negative Approach, metal from Sepultura and Cephalic Carnage, and so much more.

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Kim Shattuck Still Makes the Muffs Really Really Happy

The Muffs (Kristen Shattuck)

From Xzibit to Elton John

Also this week:

Ronnie Barnett of print stars the Muffs said of their new reissue that, “This is the first thing we’ve done since Kim went away. We’re not prepared to dig through her archives at this point, so we were wondering what to do for bonus tracks. I’m searching around, and I was always the technically inept member of the band. So while Kim’s sending raw MP3s and digital links, back in the early 2000s, I always had to have CD burns. So I had a big stack of random CDRs with one or two tracks. But before we recorded, Kim compiled them all onto one disc. So that’s what that record is. Kim recorded the vocals at home.”

In “Not Another DJ,” Katie Boyle of Koven said “Growing up around parents who were always passionate about music and listening to music. Not that we are from the same household — Max [Rowat] and I aren’t related (a lot of people assume we are, or that we’re in a relationship) but it’s something Max has shared with me in the past. Making the step into creating music was just something that I think came very naturally to us both.”

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