From Glassjaw to Melvins: The 110th LA Weekly playlist, reviewing the musicians that we’ve been writing about all week, is live now. There’s electronic music from BEAUZ and Nicky Romero, alt-pop from Tori Amos, hip-hop from NLE Choppa, indie from the Wrecks and standards, metal from Glassjaw and Slipknot, and so much more.

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Tori's Glory

Tori Amos (Desmond Murray)

From Glassjaw to Melvins

Also this week:

Cover star Tori Amos told us of her new album that, “It’s all of it, and it’s also having to get out even in the wintery Cornish weather – when the gales are blowing and the gusts of wind – it can be ferociously beautiful because it’s so powerful. I got myself out in it. We’re in the middle of nowhere really, we’re in farm country 20 minutes from the cliffs in northern Cornwall where the weather coming off the Atlantic can be quite something. It was almost a relief to realize that nature wasn’t in lockdown. She was busy, and she was in that time of very dramatic weather. It was humbling. I said, ‘Clearly, you as an energy force are able to deal with a world that’s gone mad and I just need to study from you’ because I’d got into a place of despondency. I didn’t have the tools. Nobody did, really. How do you deal with a pandemic, especially if your livelihood and what you do doesn’t lend itself to Zoom. Not really. So it was about, how do you adapt? That’s when I just sat with nature and started listening. ‘Metal Water Wood’ was the first song to come, to admit that I was just in a place of sadness.”

In “Not Another DJ,” BEAUZ said, It’s amazing to see house music taking over the globe again, both in Asia and in the US. As the dance music audience matures, their musical taste will grow deeper and idiosyncratic, thus allowing them to love and accept more genres. We’re excited to see what transnational artists like us can do to further breakdown cultural & language barriers.”

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