From XIE to GBH: The 158th LA Weekly playlist, reviewing the musicians that we’ve been writing about all week, is live now. There’s electronic music from XIE and Marshmello, R&B from Bee-B, pop from Taylor Swift, punk from the Damned and GBH, metal from Sepultura and Kreator, and so much more.

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A Night at the Museum

The Punk Rock Museum (Lisa Johnson)

From XIE to GBH

Also this week:

In our print story about the Punk Rock Museum in Vegas, Vinnie Fiorello said that, “Someone might say that having punk artifacts in a punk museum is anti-punk, but for me it’s amplifying what punk’s message was, which for me was about diversity, welcoming everybody. That’s what drew me into punk rock music to begin with – when I felt like an outsider, the other outsiders welcomed me into the fold. Any time that I can look and go, ‘Hey, are we doing the right thing for the passion and the love of it, then cool. Why are we doing this? We love punk rock music. We’re passionate about it. Why not build this church and be able to show everybody the history of punk rock. Five decades worth of it. People say punk rock was rebelling, and I agree. But being able to show the roots, the tree and the leaves of punk rock music, that to me outweighs any concept of ‘punk rock is meant to be anti-establishment’ or whatever.”

In “Not Another DJ,” XIE said of electronic music that, “Some people complain it’s getting too mainstream but I think that’s a great thing and provides an opportunity more than ever to be worldwide. We’re at a point in musical history where it’s a great time to experiment and find ways to stand out and be one of a kind.”

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