From Love & Rockets to Rainbow Girls: The 157th LA Weekly playlist, reviewing the musicians that we’ve been writing about all week, is live now. There’s electronic music from Whipped Cream, hip-hop from Vanessa Tha Finessa, post-punk from Sisters of Mercy and Love & Rockets, indie rock from Megan Slankard and Rainbow Girls, hair metal from Dokken, industrial from KMFDM, and so much more.

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Dark World

Sisters of Mercy (Lara Aime)

From Love & Rockets to Rainbow Girls

Also this week:

In our cover story, Sisters of Mercy’s Andrew Eldritch said: “I feel good about [our new stuff]. It has the melodicism of early Sisters stuff, which is probably due to Ben (Christo, guitar) liking the early stuff more than I do, and he’s largely responsible for the melodicism of those songs. On the other hand, the words are better than they’ve ever been, and, sometimes the power of them overwhelms me. I’m genuinely impressed by what we’ve recently achieved. Lyrically, I’m not going to comment on the authorial voice – that’s the job of journalists. I will say that the narrator is a different person now than he may have seemed to have been when you thought that was who the author was. I could talk for hours about this and dramaturgy. Because dramaturgy is my field of expertise. I never thought I’d be doing it, but I do know a lot about it. That’s my academic frame of reference.”

In “Not Another DJ,” Whipped Cream said, “2023 will be one of the most monumental years of my career. I started it off with releasing my newest project, the Someone You Can Count On  EP, and shortly after announced my world tour. I will be hitting new and familiar places like Spain, Budapest, Austria, Asia, Vancouver, Los Angeles and so much more. On top of that, I am making my best music ever. I am writing a lot of the lyrics and making the songs I dreamt of. There is so much in store for this year, but for now, the best way to get any early ins will be at a show on my tour. Hope to see you all there!”
































































































































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