From Wu-Tang to Lana Del Rey: The ninety-second LA Weekly playlist, reviewing the musicians that we’ve been writing about all week, is live now. There’s electronic music from Steve Aoki, hip-hop from Wu-Tang and LightSkinKeisha, pop from Justin Bieber and Lana Del Rey, reggae from Shaggy and Bob Marley, and so much more.

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L.A. singer and rapper Kyle Banks Drops Uncommon EP

Kyle Banks (Virisa Yong)

From Wu-Tang to Lana Del Rey

Also this week:

Print star Kyle Banks told us that, “My first live gig went really well, and that’s when I started to lean more toward music. It was an accident. I did a song that was really good, but I had been playing basketball my entire life and I always thought I’d go back to basketball. It wasn’t until like 2019 when I did a song, and it started getting label attention and a lot more of a crowd. I started to get love, and I studied and understood the music. I really wanted to try this, and I really loved this.”

“I think everything over there is genuine,” he said of Capitol Records. “Everything is very hands-on. I talk to Deneia [F, who handles hip-hop and R&B at Red Bull Records] every day. Even my team. Every day, we’re trying to figure out the next step. There’s never empty space or time going by where we’re not talking. That’s what I like – I like everything to be hands-on and I like knowing the next step. So it’s very comfortable for me over there.”

In “Not Another DJ,” Tay James said: “After going to Hampton University, which was a melting pot of different cultures, and also being on the road with Justin [Bieber], I was able to pick up a more eclectic style of DJ-ing,” he says. “I was able to take different things I heard from different countries and experimented in blending it all together. Today, I consider myself an open-format DJ and whether it’s a private party for Justin and Hailey, or a headlining night at Zouk in Vegas, I am confident in my skills to read the crowd and spin for the room.”




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