From Tink to Mew: The 143rd LA Weekly playlist, reviewing the musicians that we’ve been writing about all week, is live now. There’s electronic music from Mary Droppinz and Lilly Palmer, R&B from Tink, punk from the Alley Cats and Rhino 39, pop from MIA and Maesu, alt-rock from Mew and the Subways, and so much more.

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Pop Goes the Maesu!

(Maddy Rotman)

From Tink to Mew

Also this week:

Print star Maesu told us that, “It was predicted that I was going to be into music for real. My mom used to encourage me to take piano and trombone lessons at the Birmingham (Georgia) Jazz Hall of Fame. Every weekend, I used to walk a literal mile to the Jazz Hall of Fame to take piano and trombone lessons. It’s funny because it seems like a lot of my musical startings were from me being just like, ‘that’s cool.’ I wanted to mimic what I just saw. I wanted to learn certain songs. Like, my favorite songs. I wanted to learn to play just them, and it progressed from there.”

In “Not Another DJ,” Mary Droppinz said that, “I love emo music and hip-hop. Ultimately, raging is my favorite thing to do at shows — I love to go off! I’m super passionate about my music, it’s all my emotions on display, orchestrating what each sound means to me. I’d say specifically, genre wise my music ranges from electro to breakbeat to acid house to techno to deep house to UK garage and bass. Track selection for me is based first on exquisite taste and then how that song makes me feel, not anything specific to a genre. I am here to feed the crowd with love through music.”


































































































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