From Ice Cube to Bjork: The 142nd LA Weekly playlist, reviewing the musicians that we’ve been writing about all week, is live now. There’s electronic music from Cheat Codes and Dr. Ushuu, hip-hop from Ice Cube and Bktherula, punk from Siouxsie, pop from Lady Gaga and Zolita, alt-pop from RYL0, classic rock from Herman’s Hermits and so much more.

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Hyper RYL0 Returns to the Dark Side

RYLO (Euvn)

From Ice Cube to Bjork

Also this week:

Print star RYL0 told us that, “I came from this dark electronic avenue, and that definitely didn’t have a space in what was already going on in the USC scene. But my first show was at a USC house party. I finally got booked to play a USC show, after I had graduated. The stage was the front patio at this campus house. The turnout was pretty good. I approached it seriously. It ended up going well and I’m proud of how that first show went.”

In “Not Another DJ,” Dr. Ushūu said that, “Not only because there are a lot of artists that are pushing the boundaries and elevating the scene, but also there are a lot of artists that are incredibly talented and unique and it makes me excited.”



















































































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