Adam Mansbach's Go the Fuck to Sleep is sort of like Goodnight Moon written by Chris Rock. It's all in good fun, and lord knows that sleepless parents need as many laughs as they can muster. The book has been a best-seller, Samuel L. Jackson did the audio version, and, yes, there's a movie in the works. For parents who want to read the book, which is a nice bedtime story without all the F-bombs, there is a G-rated companion volume coming soon called Seriously, Just Go to Sleep. Mansbach tells us, “A lot of parents are sick of censoring the book as they go, and a lot of kids seem to be into the story of this mischievous kid who's winning the war to stay awake.” And what about his toddler daughter who inspired the whole thing? “She's aware of it, but she thinks it's called Go to Sleep, so if you happen to meet her, please don't correct her. I don't know what age, but at some point I'll explain to her that this book is the reason we live in a house and not a discarded refrigerator carton under a bridge.” Mansbach reads and signs at Barnes & Noble, the Grove, 189 Grove Drive; Mon., Nov. 7, 7 p.m.; free, book is $14.95. (323) 525-0270.

Mon., Nov. 7, 7 p.m., 2011

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