We have Wasilla, Alaska, to thank for so many things. Now add smoked salmon flavored vodka to the list. Alaska Distillery, a locally owned and operated micro-distillery in Wasilla, has just released their latest flavor, reportedly the first smoked salmon flavored vodka ever produced. This joins Alaska Distillery's other vodkas, including their signature spirit, Permafrost Alaska Vodka, which received the Beverage Testing Institute (BTI) Platinum Medal at the 2009 International Review of Spirits; and six other flavored vodkas. No, not bacon flavored vodka. That was made by the Seattle-based Black Rock Spirits company.

What to eat with salmon flavored vodka? What do you think. It's also supposed to be very good in Bloody Marys, which was apparently the intent. Toby Foster, one of the five Alaskans who founded the distillery in 2005, and the man in charge of inventing the new Alaskan themed flavors, told the Associated Press, “I think there was some madness and some drunkenness involved, honestly.” One hopes so. Inventing this sort of thing sober is a far more questionable feat.

LA Weekly