From No Job To Philanthropist And Influencer. Nathalia “Nat” Moura Shares Her Journey


One of the most common desires is to live to see your dreams come true. However, it can be a daunting adventure to pursue for anyone. Many people know exactly what they want to achieve, but the major hurdle is in actualizing these dreams. However, there are the determined and ambitious few who rise against all odds to bring their dreams to life. These individuals do not necessarily possess superpowers, but have the drive and desire to keep pushing even when no one seems to believe in their dreams.

Nathalia Moura, notably known as‘ Nat, ’ is one ambitious woman who defied expectations to rise to success. Nat is a successful social media influencer who rose from the deepest scrapes of being jobless to live her dream. She shares an inspirational journey of self-belief, resilience, and determination to pursue what she believes in.

In 2020, Nat had no job or reliable means to have food on the table. “ I couldn’t feed my family and pets, but I never stopped working freely to help NGOs. I tried to survive by doing some online cartoons and always sharing money to help stray dogs. ” Nat explains.

But despite her setbacks, Nat believed in her potential and never gave up. She constantly pushed her limits, trying out every viable opportunity that came her way. Her determination and desire for success saw her acquire a loan, which was the beginning of her fortunes. In no time, Nat had begun working as a promoter—a job she passionately performed, learning and giving her best at every moment.

True to the famous phrase, “success beats talent,“ Nat was able to change her fortunes for the better. She swiftly gained a profound industry understanding, with success gradually coming her way.

Today, Nat takes pride in being a self-made influencer who positively impacts other people’s lives. She not only enjoys a massive social media audience but is also rated as one of the fastest-growing crypto influencers. She has also established herself as a reliable and trustworthy source for learning more about the crypto world, particularly the hottest coins.

The COVID pandemic period was one of her notable career moments where she went on to help thousands earn a living. One of her most significant career accomplishments was awarding $5,000 to one winner. For Nat, this was a life-changing moment, not only for the winner but also for her as she looks forward to more notable moments.

A born philanthropist, Nat inspires other people to chase after their dreams. Success is never easy to achieve, so you need to brace for unforeseen challenges. She wants others to understand that if you’re struggling now, it doesn’t mean it will last forever. Keep working hard and never give up. Instead, convert every challenge into a learning lesson and build on your mistakes. This will not only help you avoid making the same mistake in the future, but it will also help you become a better version of yourself.

Nat’s goal is to continue helping others realize their potential. She also wants to share more about the crypto world and see more people find success.

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