From Nija to Smashing Pumpkins: The ninety-third LA Weekly playlist, reviewing the musicians that we’ve been writing about all week, is live now. There’s electronic music from Meduso, hip-hop from 3Breezy, R&B from Nija, punk from the Last Gang, pop from Gwen Stefani, and so much more.

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Meduso is All About That Bass

From Nija to Smashing Pumpkins

Also this week:

In “Not Another DJ,” Meduso told us that, “I’d say my sound today is in the world of psychedelic, heavy metal, bass music… working title. The first few projects I’ve released have all had a theme of these dark, warping and winding basslines that were influenced by earlier 2010 era dubstep, deeper 140 stuff, and some psychedelic/ heavy rock synths and drums. A little ’90s hip hop too. A lot of the newer projects I’ve been working on continue to push all of these influences on even further, especially in the psychedelic and metal departments. I really want to push my music to be able to storytell through sound. Whether that be through sound design, lyrics, or another medium, I’m excited to explore it all!”

Print star Nija said that, “It actually had a big impact. It definitely benefited me for recording because I was able to get back to how I used to record, which was in my room, not having a lot of people in the studio, like it was just me, the engineer and the producer. But when it came to the rollout, we had to do a lot over Zoom, meeting with partners, so that definitely impacted and made it a little harder, but we made it through.”

“I think right now is a time when R&B is having a resurgence,” she added. “I feel like a lot of people are experimenting, especially how we’re seeing more influences from international music as well. So I feel like everyone is inspired and pulling from different places to help innovate the culture and the genre.”

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