From New York on Tech to America on Tech: How This Non-Profit Expanded to Help More Underestimated Students

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New York on Tech was a non-profit organization with a mission to prepare the next generation of technology leaders from NYC.

Now, the non-profit is called America on Tech and launched an office in Los Angeles in 2019.

As you may have guessed, the name changed because the organization expanded. It just doesn’t aim to help students from NYC. Now, the non-profit organization aims to help students all over the United States.

Founded by Jessica Santana and Evin Floyd Robinson, America on Tech (AOT) aims to prepare the next generation of technology leaders to reduce the economic and racial wealth gap in underestimated communities.

Started in 2014, America  on Tech is eager to expand and in the last two years has already served more than 500 students in the Los Angeles area.

While the New York City nonprofit was doing well, the founders realized that they had to do more to make a greater impact. To do this, they renamed the organization America on Tech in 2019.

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“In seven years, we have grown to a seven-figure nonprofit organization and served 3,500 students to date. We have launched offices in NY and Los Angeles and currently have a team of 40+ people which include full-time staff, part-time staff, and contractors,” the founders revealed.

America on Tech accurately reflects what the organization hopes to achieve. Hence, the name is just fitting.

“When we were employed in the tech sector, we quickly noticed a disconnect between ourselves and our peers – there were very few other people who looked like us or had similar lived experiences. We understood that something proactive had to be done to begin to systemically change the face of the tech sector,” the founders stated.

This is exactly what the organization does one step at a time. Despite challenges in changing the tech sector, America on Tech continues to overcome them. They provide tuition free technology education classes for 16-24 year olds, place students in internships and jobs and even creates jobs for students themselves internally.

For this, they have been recognized by prominent entities such as Forbes. Specifically, the founders were listed on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. They were also selected as Robin Hood Foundation’s Inaugural Power Fund Leaders and recognized by NYC and NYS Nonprofit Media for their work with AOT.

With an excellent track record, passionate founders, and recognitions, America on Tech helps more students reach their tech dreams.

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