From Godlands to Van Halen: The 106th LA Weekly playlist, reviewing the musicians that we’ve been writing about all week, is live now. There’s electronic music from Godlands, hip-hop from Inayah, punk from Circle Jerks and the Misfits, rock from Van Halen, and so much more.

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In Good Health

Health (Daniel Roland Tierney)

From Godlands to Van Halen

Also this week:

Jake Duzsik of cover stars Health told us that, “It was totally under the radar, and the noise scene in L.A., not dissimilar to the first waves of punk rock in New York and then SoCal hardcore punk, the playfulness, what was there. Noise music at the time on the East Coast had a bent of academia to it. It was connected to art schools and a formalism. Maybe even music training. In L.A., people were making incredibly experimental, avant-garde music, but they weren’t up their own asses about it at all. There wasn’t any condescending posturing. So it was really fun and that’s the scene we came out of.”

In “Not Another DJ,” Godlands said, “Our industry was practically abandoned by our government and so the domino effect of venues being shut down, festivals being constantly rescheduled or cancelled or both, jobs being lost and no real way out – it can really do a lot of damage to artists and those within the music industry. For me, the only thing that got me through and actually helped me as an artist was to keep working and keep improving. It sort of gave me an excuse to lock myself away and work on my art. Nowadays we’ve kicked back into gear and are finally putting on shows, tours and festivals which have been so desperately needed over the last two years. However it does feel like you have to reintroduce yourself especially because we lost two years of touring demographic. It’s strange but I’m grateful to be back at it again!”

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