From Kid Cudi to Gary Numan: The ninety-fourth LA Weekly playlist, reviewing the musicians that we’ve been writing about all week, is live now. There’s electronic music from helloworld, hip-hop from Kid Cudi, alt-pop from Cannons, punk from Social Distortion, and so much more.

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Messages From Mercury & the Architects

(Courtesy of Mercury & the Architects)

From Kid Cudi to Gary Numan

Also this week:

TJ Ferranola of print stars Mercury & the Architects told us that, “I think we’re going to be going on this single run for a little while. Some of these songs that we have, they deserve their own moment in time. We have a collection of work that we would consider to be a collection of work, but I think they all need their own spotlight and their own time. It’ll probably be a run of singles for a little bit.”

“We’re going crazy over here,” added LYNZI of the same band. “In a good way – we’re always working on another single or another project, and we’re either tweaking vocals or recording vocals – we just do everything. Taking on an album, ideally, I would want to go to a different country for three months and just be in the middle of the forest.”

In “Not Another DJ,” helloworld said, “I don’t even know what it is I make. I am super inspired and influenced by a lot of the half-time/downtempo bass and trap stuff. I also love pop music. I love taking inspiration from things that I grew up with though. I was an avid video-gamer for most of my life and grew up on Nintendo. I also studied computer science in college so I love the tech and video game inspired sounds and designs.”




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