From Saweetie to the Rolling Stones: The eighty-fifth LA Weekly playlist, reviewing the musicians that we’ve been writing about all week, is live now. There’s electronic music from RoRoll and Slow Motion, hip-hop from Drakeo the Ruler (RIP) and Saweetie, punk from BillyBio, and so much more.

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Deep House in Slow Motion

Slow Motion (Beto Garcia)

Also this week:

DJ Slow Motion told us that: “When I was a teenager I got to know electronic music, but precisely the deep house genre. The desire to work on music together with the entire cultural context of the state of Santa Catarina in Brazil led me to take courses in mixing production at the Aimec School which started my journey as a DJ/producer. I try not to label myself in a specific genre. In my production, there will always be the presence of a beautiful vocal with strong bass lines and melodies.”

Meanwhile, cover star Saweetie said: “I used to write poetry, and once I realized that rap was just poetry over a beat I really fell in love with it. In high school, I would do talent shows. Any time somebody would ask me to rap, I would rap. My first public performance was at a high school. I remember there was somebody ‘managing me,’ but I didn’t have time because I played sports. I remember going to a high school and performing. Oh my gosh, it makes me cringe. The person who was supposed to be managing me, her daughter was an artist so I was a feature on a song.”


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