From Coi Leray to Nine Inch Nails: The 123rd LA Weekly playlist, reviewing the musicians that we’ve been writing about all week, is live now. There’s electronic music from & Friends, hip-hop from Coi Leray, punk from Voodoo Glowskulls, rock from Todd Rundgren and Nine Inch Nails, and so much more.

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Celebrating Bowie with Todd Rundgren and Friends

Todd Rundgren (Richard Kerris)

From Coi Leray to Nine Inch Nails

Also this week:

Print star Todd Rundgren told us of his parallel career with David Bowie that, “I think in many ways, David Bowie is more extreme than that. He would actually adopt a persona and he did not really break character much, even when he wasn’t on stage. In other words, if he decided that ‘now I’m an R&B singer,‘ he would fully embrace that and dress like one — do his hair like one, and essentially get into character. I’m not coming up with characters for myself, for the benefit of the public. I’m pretty much me all the time, it’s just that I dabble in a lot of different musical genres. Mostly, because I want to learn more about them and understand them better, and also because it’s a good way to express certain kinds of ideas. I’ve always dabbled in other musical forms, but it’s not necessarily me moving from one thing to another thing. It’s me adding stuff to the same thing. I’m just adding more aspects of where I can go to my overall musical approach.”

In “Not Another DJ,” $Friends said that, “For me, the &friends sound is curiously familiar, with melodic overtones, lyrical vulnerabilities, and deep percussion lines that sway the soul. Each piece carries a story vocalized by global citizens with big hearts. They are a rhythmic remembrance of the complexities of what it means to be a human. An expression of freedom and cultural collaboration with no boundaries. &friends music is an intention for connection and resiliency carried by sound.”

















































































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