From Lady Gaga to the Cure: The 122nd LA Weekly playlist, reviewing the musicians that we’ve been writing about all week, is live now. There’s electronic music from No Mana, hip-hop from WhooKilledKenny, punk from Flipper and Joy Division, classic rock from Jackson Browne and so much more.

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Peter Hook (Jody Hartley)

From Lady Gaga to the Cure

Also this week:

Print star Peter Hook told us of New Order that, “I have no relationship with Barney and Steve, and in fact, they actually tried to stop me playing this music when I started. It’s still very much like a fight to death with them lot, over New Order and Joy Division, which is incredibly sad at our age with all we achieved. 31 years [together], and yet they take the New Order name and treated you like shit. It’s disgusting behavior. I’d love to know what I’m supposed to have done, to warrant it. Unfortunately, the legal procedures involved are not straight-forward. As one wealthy bloke, which I am, to fight three wealthy people is virtually impossible. It’s just all about money. The angst, the stress and the pain involved in it, not only for you but also for your family.”

In “Not Another DJ,” No Mana said, “If I really had to pick the ultimate starting point, it’d probably be when my grandpa installed a new sound system in his 1999 Honda Odyssey and we abused it with several repeats of ‘Sandstorm’ by Darude right when the song came out. I was like 6 at the time. My musical background started with orchestra classes in middle to high school playing the viola, and some garage band stuff where I played the electric guitar. In 2012 after being intrigued by the sounds many artists were making at the time, I started producing with a friend in a duo project in an effort to figure out how to make those sounds together. We then ended up starting our own projects, and eventually, went off to our separate career paths. There were two points in my life where I made jumps to take my career more seriously. The first was when I got my first music paycheck in 2014, which shortly after without thinking I quit both college and my job. The second was playing my first show in 2015 with deadmau5 which immediately opened up the touring part of my career.”

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