From Billie Eilish to Jenny Lewis: The eighty-eighth LA Weekly playlist, reviewing the musicians that we’ve been writing about all week, is live now. There’s electronic music from Justin Jay, R&B from Brittany Campbell, pop from Rebecca Black and Alya, rock from Smashing Pumpkins and Supersuckers, and so much more.

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Rebecca Black Invites You to Read Her Mind

Rebecca Black (Carianne Older @peggyshootsfilm)

From Billie Eilish to Jenny Lewis

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In print, Rebecca Black told us that: “Everybody’s inspired by the things that they’re inspired by and, just being a fan of music and caring about music so much, I have my inspirations as much as anybody else. But I try to make a version of that and what I envisage it to be. It’s definitely pop, and I love pop. But I also am trying to challenge myself in terms of what that label might mean for the music I make.”

And: “I think [pop music is] always in flux, and the only people who can really continue to push it forward are the people who care to. I think with pop music, it’s really easy to do what works and I’ve had many people around me throughout my time growing up that I had to do what worked, that I can tell you every single one of them was so wrong. Pop music is to me one of the most exciting genres of music to be a part of, and just as a listener. That’s only been because of the people who have really thrown all caution to the wind and just done really what they felt was pushing it forward or challenging the idea of pop music itself. I think pop music could continue to develop and become a really beautiful, intrinsic piece of ourselves and music, but really you have to look in the right places, and it’s not always what’s obviously in front of you.”


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