From Big Boss Vette to Cheap Trick: The 162nd LA Weekly playlist, reviewing the musicians that we’ve been writing about all week, is live now. There’s electronic music from Jayceeoh, hip-hop from Big Boss Vette, alt-pop from Royal & the Serpent, rock from Cheap Trick and the Bellrays and so much more.

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Battle Royal

Royal & the Serpent (Whitney Otte)

From Big Boss Vette to Cheap Trick

Also this week:

In print this week, Royal of Royal & the Serpent told us that, “At the beginning of the song, I rewrote the pledge of allegiance. It’s basically a pledge to the LGBTQ+ community and there were a lot of people that didn’t like that, had a lot to say about that, and thought that I was disrespecting our country. I started getting some death threats. It got a little scary, and I just had to turn the app off for a few days. Get back grounded and realize it doesn’t fucking matter. These people are just typing shit on their keyboards. No one’s gonna come after me. I’m doing a good thing, so they can suck it!”

In “Not Another DJ,” Jayceeoh said, “Twilight 9 came together naturally as I found my new sound over the course of the last two years. As I get older and mature I felt the need to make songs that really spoke to me and would resonate with people on an emotional level outside of the party environment. I spent years making bangers and getting that quick fix of high energy serotonin on stage but outside of performing I found that a lot of the music was not what I wanted to listen to. I worked with some amazing vocalists on this album. The lead single ‘sandcastle’ is a collaboration with Grabbitz who is a good friend and fresh off some massive records with Illenium & Rezz. I have a record ‘Gems’ ft. rapper Sammy Adams with whom I have a long history with and toured with years ago. The album also features two songs with amazing musician and vocalist Phil Beaudreau. Phil and I are actually working on a whole other side project (PB&Jay) that sounds like Rufus Du Sol and Odesza had a baby that likes to party. The album also features collaborations and vocal features from Sam King, Lerome Swiss, Buck Rodgers, Kavale, and Medyk.”





















































































































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