From Being Homeless to Raking in 8-Figures: How Tommy Rodriguez Built (and Sold) An 8-Figure Amazon Business

Tommy Rodriguez LA Weekly

Building a business from scratch and selling it for a whopping 8 (eight) figures would be a dream come true for many entrepreneurs. In the world of e-commerce, the Amazon Automation space has become a gateway to making that dream a reality. Tommy Rodriguez is a name that’s making waves in this space. From being homeless in his 20s to creating a successful Amazon automation company, Tommy has overcome insurmountable odds to achieve this coveted dream.

Tommy’s journey began when he discovered he wanted to be different from everyone else. Despite hailing from a humble background, his determination to make something of his life never wavered, and he eventually found his way into a corporate job. There, he learned the value of hard work and persistence, skills that would serve him well in his future endeavors.

After several years in employment, Tommy decided to pivot his career and start his own business. He knew that the future of commerce was in the digital space, and he was determined to capitalize on that trend. He started learning internet marketing and quickly realized that Amazon was where the “real money” was and started Amazon dropshipping in 2014. The journey was arduous.

“There was no TV or games for me,” Tommy recalls. “I stayed home broke most of the time trying to learn Amazon dropshipping. I maxed out credit cards at some point, trying to learn from gurus. I didn’t have a social life and missed out on fun trips with friends. I put in 18-20 hours daily, and on some days, sleepless nights, yet there was no breakthrough in sight.”

There was also discouragement to contend with. Tommy’s friends quickly pointed out his fruitless effort, often putting him in the spotlight by asking, “how’s that internet thing going.”

In 2017 however, Tommy had mastered the ins and outs of Amazon dropshipping . He launched Amazon Automation in May 2017 from scratch, building it up through sheer grit and determination. He was confident that the key to success was to automate as much of the process as possible, so he invested heavily in software and other tools to help him streamline his business. He also worked tirelessly to build a team of experts who could help him scale his operations.

Despite facing numerous challenges along the way, Tommy always kept sight of his goals. He kept his head down and focused on his work, constantly pushing himself to improve. He also learned to stay adaptable, pivoting his strategies as needed to keep up with changes in the market.

Tommy’s hard work eventually paid off when he sold his company for a staggering 8 figures. It was a moment of validation for all of the sacrifices he had made over the years, and it showed him that anything is possible with enough determination and perseverance.

“If your circumstances are the same today as they were a year ago, there’s a high chance that nothing will change if you don’t COMMIT to making better choices,” Tommy asserts. “Think BIGGER, change your routines, take chances, and you’ll begin to see the magic happen.”

Today, Tommy is enjoying the fruits of his labor, having retired from the e-commerce space. However, he understands that his journey isn’t over yet. In this light, he’s begun contemplating new opportunities and angles to explore, and he’s excited to see where the future takes him.

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