Opponents of cuts to Los Angeles city libraries are headed to City Hall Tuesday to let their concerns be heard in front of the City Council. The group Save The Library plans an “urgent action” 10 a.m. Tuesday. It's urging those who are against the cutbacks to testify before the body.

One organizer, children's librarian Hillary George, is helping to organize a count of kids and teens who frequent city branches so that friends of the library can argue that the institutions provide priceless education and shelter for urban pupils.

“Tuesday will be the last hurrah for fighting for our jobs at the city council meeting,” George states. “Having community members (and especially parents) there makes a much bigger impact than just having those of us who are losing our jobs.”

Libraries have already been closed Friday mornings to save money. Now Save The Library fears that entire branches will close, more hours will be cut, and new book purchases will be frozen.

The city is awash in red ink and faces a nearly $700 million deficit come July.

LA Weekly