From fried Twinkies to chicken fried bacon to beer-battered cheesecake, we're no stranger to belt-busting fried foods. And while we don't condone the consumption of greasy foods with quadruple digit calorie and a weeks' worth of fat gram counts, we just couldn't resist sharing our latest deep-fried-disaster find: Denny's Fried Cheese Melt. What exactly is it? Four fried mozzarella sticks suspended in melted (read: congealed) slices of American cheese and shoved between two grilled slices of sourdough bread.

We're all for fried goodness. LudoBites' fried chicken makes our mouths water and Michael Voltaggio's sweetbread version of the classic Chicken McNugget is genius. But when it comes to calling four dollars' worth of mozzarella sticks drowned in processed cheese a “melt,” we have to wonder. The sandwich is served with both french fries and marinara sauce, indicating, perhaps, that this is a mental menu breakdown on a plate. Only time (or waistlines) will tell if the Fried Cheese Melt — which officially shows up on Denny's menu on August 24th — will be as popular as KFC's Double Down.

LA Weekly